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Parallel multilevel fast multipole algorithm for analysis of targets above ground Conference paper
IET Conference Publications
Authors:  Zhao X.-W.;  Ting S.-W.;  Zhou J.-R.;  Zhang Y.;  Donoro D.G.
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Half-space  Image sources  MLFMA  Parallel algorithm  Real sources  
Health Advocacy through Photovoice: A Reconsideration Conference paper
The annual meeting of the International Communication Association, New York City, May 2005
Authors:  Li, Ying
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Knowledge Acquisition Under Guanxi: A Multilevel Analysis of Governmental Relationships and Business Networks Effect on the Learning-Performance Relationship in China Conference paper
Proceedings of the 48th Annual Meeting of the Academy of International Business "From the Silk Road to Global Networks: Harnessing the Power of People in International Busines", Beijing, China, June 23-26, 2006
Authors:  Xiaoyun Chen;  Joseph C. Miller
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Locating vessel centerlines in retinal images using wavelet transform: A multilevel approach Conference paper
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Authors:  You X.;  Fang B.;  Tang Y.Y.;  He Z.;  Huang J.
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