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Bathocuproine:Ag Complex Functionalized Tunneling Junction for Efficient Monolithic Perovskite/TOPCon Silicon Tandem Solar Cell Journal article
Solar RRL, 2022,Volume: 6,Issue: 12
Authors:  Ying, Zhiqin;  Yang, Xi;  Zheng, Jingming;  Sun, Jingsong;  Xiu, Jingwei;  Zhu, Yudong;  Wang, Xinlong;  Chen, Ying;  Li, Xin;  Sheng, Jiang;  Shou, Chunhui;  Zeng, Yuheng;  Pan, Hui;  Ye, Jichun;  He, Zhubing
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Perovskite  Recombination Contacts  Sputter Buffer Layers  Topcon  Silicon Tandem Solar Cells  
Charge-transfer induced multifunctional BCP:Ag complexes for semi-transparent perovskite solar cells with a record fill factor of 80.1% Journal article
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2021,Volume: 9,Issue: 20,Page: 12009-12018
Authors:  Ying, Zhiqin;  Yang, Xi;  Zheng, Jingming;  Zhu, Yudong;  Xiu, Jingwei;  Chen, Wei;  Shou, Chunhui;  Sheng, Jiang;  Zeng, Yuheng;  Yan, Baojie;  Pan, Hui;  Ye, Jichun;  He, Zhubing
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