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Rhizosphere competitiveness of trichloroethylene-degrading, poplar-colonizing recombinant bacteria Journal article
Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 2000,Volume: 66,Issue: 11,Page: 4673-4678
Authors:  Shim H.;  Chauhan S.;  Ryoo D.;  Bowers K.;  Thomas S.M.;  Canada K.A.;  Burken J.G.;  Wood T.K.
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Aerobic degradation of tetrachloroethylene by toluene-o-xylene monooxygenase of Pseudomonas stutzeri OX1 Journal article
Nature Biotechnology, 2000,Volume: 18,Issue: 7,Page: 775-778
Authors:  Ryoo D.;  Shim H.;  Canada K.;  Barbieri P.;  Wood T.K.
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Monoxygenase  PCE degradation  Pseudomonas