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Primary emissions versus secondary formation of fine particulate matter in the most polluted city (Shijiazhuang) in North China Journal article
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2019,Volume: 19,Issue: 4,Page: 2283-2298
Authors:  Huang, Ru Jin;  Wang, Yichen;  Cao, Junji;  Lin, Chunshui;  Duan, Jing;  Chen, Qi;  Li, Yongjie;  Gu, Yifang;  Yan, Jin;  Xu, Wei;  Fröhlich, Roman;  Canonaco, Francesco;  Bozzetti, Carlo;  Ovadnevaite, Jurgita;  Ceburnis, Darius;  Canagaratna, Manjula R.;  Jayne, John;  Worsnop, Douglas R.;  El-Haddad, Imad;  Prevot, Andre S.H.;  O'Dowd, Colin D.
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