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A Proresolving Peptide Nanotherapy for Site-Specific Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease by Regulating Proinflammatory Microenvironment and Gut Microbiota Journal article
ADVANCED SCIENCE, 2019,Volume: 6,Issue: 18
Authors:  Li, Chenwen;  Zhao, Yang;  Cheng, Juan;  Guo, Jiawei;  Zhang, Qixiong;  Zhang, Xiangjun;  Ren, Jiong;  Wang, Fengchao;  Huang, Jun;  Hu, Houyuan;  Wang, Ruibing;  Zhang, Jianxiang
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Colitis Targeting  Gut Microbiota  Nanotherapy  Proresolving Peptide  Reactive Oxygen Species  
Supramolecular therapeutics to treat the side effects induced by a depolarizing neuromuscular blocking agent Journal article
THERANOSTICS, 2019,Volume: 9,Issue: 11,Page: 3107-3121
Authors:  Zhang, Xiangjun;  Cheng, Qian;  Li, Lanlan;  Shangguan, Liqing;  Li, Chenwen;  Li, Shengke;  Huang, Feihe;  Zhang, Jianxiang;  Wang, Ruibing
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Antidote  Host-guest Chemistry  Neuromuscular Blocking Agent  Pillararene  Succinylcholine