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Design of compact microstrip resonator filter with projective DGS Conference paper
Cross Strait Tri-Regional Radio Science & Wireless Technology Conference 2006, Macau, 2006.08.24
Authors:  Ka-Meng Ho;  Hoi-Kai Pang;  Wai-Wa Choi;  Kam-Weng Tam
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A compact microstrip λ/4-SIR interdigital bandpass filter with extended stopband Conference paper
IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Digest, Fort Worth, TX, USA, 6-11 June 2004
Authors:  Hoi-Kai Pang;  Ka-Meng Ho;  Kam-Weng Tam;  R.P. Martins
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Microstrip  Microwave Filter  Spurious Response  Spurline  Stepped Impedance Resonator  
A Wide Stopband Tapped Square Split Ring Stepped Impedance Interdigital Bandpass Filter Conference paper
The 5th IEEE (HK/MACAU) AP! MTT Postgraduate Conference, University of Macau, Macao, China, 2004-9
Authors:  Hoi-Kai Pang;  Kam-Weng Tam;  Ruj P, Martins
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Microstrip  Microwave Filter  Spurious Response  Square Split Ring Resonator  Stepped Impedance Resonator