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Energy Efficiency Evaluation and Revenue Distribution of DC Power Distribution Systems in Nearly Zero Energy Buildings Journal article
Energies, 2022,Volume: 15
Authors:  Keteng Jiang;  Haibo Li;  Xi Ye;  Yi Lei;  Keng-Weng Lao;  Shuqing Zhang;  Xianfa Hu
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Energy Efficiency Analysis  Nearly Zero Energy Buildings  Dc Distribution  Time Sequential Power Flow Simulation  Dc/ac Energy Efficiency Improvement  Revenue Distribution  
Comparative analysis of energy efficiency of AC and DC power supply systems in different regions and buildings Conference paper
Proceedings of 2022 IEEE 5th International Electrical and Energy Conference, CIEEC 2022
Authors:  Jiang, Keteng;  Li, Haibo;  Lei, Yi;  Liu, Jingrong;  Zhang, Junzhe;  Yang, Han
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AC and DC energy efficiency improvement  DC power distribution system  energy storage-friendly algorithm  Net zero energy building  photovoltaic power supply