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知心安學:澳門培正中學的科學教育 Book
:澳門培正中學, 2019
Authors:  Cheung, K. C.;  Kou, K. F.;  Sit, P. S.;  Mak, S. K.;  Ieong, M. K.
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Dynamic behaviors of tapered bi-directional functionally graded beams with various boundary conditions under action of a moving harmonic load Journal article
Engineering analyhsis with boundary elements, 2019,Page: 225-239
Authors:  yang, y;  Kou, K. P.;  Lam, C. C.;  Iu, V. P.
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Dynamics response  moving harmonic load  tapered bi-directional FG beams  mesh free  boundary-domain integral equation  
Numerical Study of NSM FRP Strengthened Masonry Walls Book chapter
出自: Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions:Springer,, 2019, 页码: 1670-1678
Authors:  Wang, X;  Lam, C. C.;  Iu, V. P.;  Kou, K. P.
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Numerical analysis  Masonry  In-plane shear  Near-surface mounted  FRP  Parameters