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The moderating role of authoritarian parenting style in the relationship between Chinese secondary students’ academic attribution and their perceived parents’ failure mindset Conference paper
Tokyo, Japan, 2018 July-August
Authors:  Tao Yick Ku;  Li Yun
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Are gambling motives and attitudes consistently associated with problem gambling in different populations in Macao? Conference paper
Changsha, Hunan, China, 2017 Nov
Authors:  Tao Yick Ku;  Wu Man Sze
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The effects of priming of mindsets for learning on attribution, motivation and performance Conference paper
Osaka, Japan, 2017 August
Authors:  Tao Yick Ku;  Lei Ka Kin
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The mediating roles of implicit theories of intelligence & achievement goals adoptions in the relationship between perceived parenting styles and academic attributions among Chinese secondary students Conference paper
Manchester, UK, 2017 July
Authors:  Tao Yick Ku;  Yip Chun Yan
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Procrastination: The roles of self-efficacy and perceived task characteristics. Conference paper
Yokohama, Japan, 2016 July
Authors:  Tao Yick Ku;  Kuan Hoi Kei
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Impacts of attributional style and implicit theory of intelligence on job stress among teachers. Conference paper
Milan, Italy, 2015 July
Authors:  Tao Yick Ku;  Li Yun;  Lam Ka Hou;  Leung Chi Wo;  Sun Chit Iam;  Wu Man Sze
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Psychometric Properties of the revised Inventory of Gambling Motives, Attitudes and Behaviors (GMAB-R) Conference paper
Asia Pacific Conference on Gambling & Commercial Gaming Research, Macao, Nov 5-8, 2012
Authors:  Anise Man Sze Wu;  Vivienne Yick Ku Tao;  Kwok Kit Tong;  Shu Fai Cheung
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