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High Expression of G6PD Increases Doxorubicin Resistance in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells by Maintaining GSH Level Journal article
International journal of biological sciences, 2022,Volume: 18,Issue: 3,Page: 1120-1133
Authors:  Luo, Man;  Fu, Afu;  Wu, Renfei;  Wei, Na;  Song, Kai;  Lim, Sierin;  Luo, Kathy Qian
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Doxorubicin  Drug Resistance  G6pd  Metastasis  Oxidative Stress  Triple Negative Breast Cancer  
Desmosomal proteins of DSC2 and PKP1 promote cancer cells survival and metastasis by increasing cluster formation in circulatory system Journal article
Science Advances, 2021,Volume: 7,Issue: 40
Authors:  Li, Koukou;  Wu, Renfei;  Zhou, Muya;  Tong, Haibo;  Luo, Kathy Q.
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NGFR activates TrkC to promotes tumor growth and metastasis of triple-negative breast cancer cells Presentation
会议地点: The 7th Macau Symposium on Biomedical Sciences, Macau, China., 会议日期: 2021-07-23-24, 报告日期: 2021-07-23
Authors:  Wu, Renfei;  Luo, Kathy Qian
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Nerve growth factor receptor increases the tumor growth and metastatic potential of triple-negative breast cancer cells Journal article
Oncogene, 2021,Volume: 40,Issue: 12,Page: 2165-2181
Authors:  Wu, Renfei;  Li, Koukou;  Yuan, Mingheng;  Luo, Kathy Qian
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Developing effective siRNAs to reduce the expression of key viral genes of covid-19 Journal article
International Journal of Biological Sciences, 2021,Volume: 17,Issue: 6,Page: 1521-1529
Authors:  Wu, Renfei;  Luo, Kathy Qian
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Covid-19  Gene Silencing  Rna Secondary Structure  Sars-cov-2  Sirna