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Intercalation-deposition mechanism induced by aligned carbon fiber toward dendrite-free metallic potassium batteries Journal article
Energy Storage Materials, 2022,Volume: 51,Page: 122-129
Authors:  Xiao, Kuikui;  Wu, Jian Fang;  Yan, Hanghang;  Mo, Ying;  Zhou, Wang;  Peng, Yufan;  Chen, Shi;  Cui, Xiangyang;  Chen, Lei;  Xu, Chaohe;  Liu, Jilei
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Aligned Carbon Fiber  Composite Anode  Intercalation-deposition  Potassiophility  Potassium Metal Anode  
Stabilizing SEI by cyclic ethers toward enhanced K+ storage in graphite Journal article
Journal of Energy Chemistry, 2022,Volume: 71,Page: 344-350
Authors:  Zhang, Jiesong;  Wu, Jian Fang;  Wang, Zixing;  Mo, Ying;  Zhou, Wang;  Peng, Yufan;  He, Bingchen;  Xiao, Kuikui;  Chen, Shi;  Xu, Chaohe;  Liu, Jilei
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Cyclic Ether  Graphite  Potassium Ion Batteries  Solid Electrolyte Interphase