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Solid-state Luminescent Carbon Dots Resistant to Aggregation-induced Fluorescence Quenching: Preparation, Photophysical Properties and Applications 抗聚集诱导荧光猝灭的固态发光碳纳米点:制备, 光物理性质及应用 Journal article
Faguang Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Luminescence, 2021,Volume: 42,Issue: 8,Page: 1141-1154
Authors:  Qu, Yan Fei;  Li, Di;  Qu, Song Nan
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Aggregation-induced fluorescence quenching  Carbon dots  Light emitting diode  Solid-state luminescence  
主动配电网中基于统一运行模型的电制氢(P2H)模块组合选型与优化规划 Journal article
中国电机工程学报, 2021,Page: 1-13
Authors:  李佳蓉;  林今;  邢学韬;  邱一苇;  宋永华;  邓占锋;  徐桂芝;  宋洁
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电制氢  统一运行模型  优化规划  组合选型  
考虑N-1准则的配电网与分布式储能联合规划 Journal article
中国电机工程学报, 2021,Page: 1-15
Authors:  林哲;  胡泽春;  宋永华
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配电网规划  分布式储能  选址定容  联合规划  N-1 安全准则  
基于Levenberg-Marquardt算法的鞍结分岔点快速计算 Journal article
电网技术, 2021,Page: 1-7
Authors:  林立亨;  董树锋;  唐坤杰;  毛航银;  宋永华
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静态电压稳定裕度  Levenberg-marquardt算法  鞍结分岔点  负荷裕度  二分搜索  抛物线近似  
沉浸营销的渊源与发展刍议 Journal article
新闻与传播评论, 2021,Volume: 74,Issue: 3
Authors:  龚思颖;  沈福元;  陈 霓;  彭雪华;  赵心树
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Recent Development on Surface-interface Chemistry of All-solid-state Lithium Batteries 全固态锂金属电池表界面化学的研究进展 Journal article
Gaodeng Xuexiao Huaxue Xuebao/Chemical Journal of Chinese Universities, 2021,Volume: 42,Issue: 4,Page: 1005-1016
Authors:  Zou, Junyan;  Zhang, Yanyan;  Chen, Shi;  Shao, Huaiyu;  Tang, Yuxin
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All-solid-state electrolyte  All-solid-state lithium battery  Electrode material  Surface and interface modification  
Progress and application prospect of fundamental research on concrete micromechanics 混凝土微观力学基础研究进展及应用展望 Journal article
Gongcheng Lixue/Engineering Mechanics, 2021,Volume: 38,Issue: 4
Authors:  Hu, Chuan Lin;  Li, Zong Jin;  Wang, Fa Zhou
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Calcium-silicate-hydrate  Concrete  Micromechanics  Microscale materials design  Multiscale  
Hybrid plasmonic leaky-mode lasing on subwavelength scale 亚波长尺度下混合等离子泄漏模式激光 Journal article
Chinese Optics, 2021,Volume: 14,Issue: 2,Page: 397-408
Authors:  Yan, Shan Shan;  Wang, Shuang Peng;  Su, Shi Chen
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Laser  Leaky-mode  Subwavelength  Waveguide  
考虑市场力检验的多类机组中长期合约电量联合分解算法 Journal article
电力系统自动化, 2021,Volume: 45,Issue: 6,Page: 72-81
Authors:  吴天曈;  丁一;  尚楠;  包铭磊;  宋永华
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电力市场  合约电量分解  市场力  机组运行特性  
Theories, Methodologies and Applications of Probabilistic Forecasting for Power Systems with Renewable Energy Sources 新能源电力系统概率预测理论与方法及其应用 Journal article
Dianli Xitong Zidonghua/Automation of Electric Power Systems, 2021,Volume: 45,Issue: 1,Page: 2-16
Authors:  Wan,Can;  Song,Yonghua
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Artificial intelligence  Power system  Prediction interval  Probabilistic forecasting  Renewable energy  Uncertainty