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The Chinese Policing Web Book
UK:Oxford University Press, 2024
Authors:  Xu JH(徐建華)
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蔚成大觀:“紅樓夢賦”整理與研究 Book
北京:商務印書館, 2023
Authors:  王思豪
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中英翻译理论 Book
北京:商务印书馆, 2023
Authors:  Sun, Y.;  Li, D.
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Fire-Stealing and Translation: Foreign Literature in Modern China Book
n/a:n/a, 2023
Authors:  Sun, Y.
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Translation  Foreign Literature  Enlightenment  
Romantic and Victorian Vampire Tales Book
Oxford:Oxford University Press, 2023
Authors:  GROOM, NICK
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Vampires  Dracula  Gothic  Romanticism  Victorianism  Folklore  Poetry  Short Fiction  
Key Concepts in Victorian Studies Book
Edinburgh:Edinburgh University Press, 2023
Authors:  HUGHES, William
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Victorian  Literature  Culture  
Goal Frustration in Academic Achievement Settings: Theories and Applications Book
Shanghai, China:Springer Nature., 2023
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Comparative CSR and Sustainability: New Accounting for Social Consequences Book
London and New York:Routledge, 2022
Authors:  Donleavy, Gabriel;  Noronha, Carlos
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Csr  Sustainability  Social Reporting  Covid-19  Phenomenon Grande  Orbital Theory Of Accountability  
湘西凤凰苗歌译注及语言学研究 Book
上海:上海教育出版社, 2022
Authors:  吴芳;  刘鸿勇
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凤凰苗歌  译注  语言学研究  
民法中的哲學:民法上實質(substantia)與本質(essentia)理論的古典哲學起源與演變 Book
中國北京:清華大學出版社, 2022
Authors:  吳奇琦
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本質  加工  實質錯誤  法律行為要素  形式