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Machine Learning-Based Modeling of Trading Volume and Volatility Project
项目类型: SRG, 项目编号: SRG2022-00016-FSS, 2022-2025
Authors:  Tao YB(陶宇博)
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Mapping the interface between language and music: an fMRI study Project
项目类型: MYRG, 项目编号: MYRG2022-00200-FAH, 2022-2023
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增強中華文化認同的機制和路徑研究 Project
项目编号: 19BH138, 2022-
Authors:  張月
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Improving Portfolio Performance based on Robust Hedge Regression Project
项目编号: APAEM Seeding Gran, 2022-2024
Authors:  Shu LJ(舒連杰)
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基于多步Lasso方法的高维指数追踪研究 Project
项目编号: EF020/FBA-SLJ/2022/GDSTC, 2022-2025
Authors:  舒連杰
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Great Power Relations Project
项目编号: n/a, 2022-
Authors:  Wu XN(吳湘寧)
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用於電梯的高精度位移傳感器 Project
项目类型: FDCT, 项目编号: 0002/2022/AMR, 2022-2023
Authors:  Kam-Weng Tam;  Chi-Hou Chio
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Annexin V-modified platelet-biomimetic nanomedicine for targeted therapy of acute ischemic stroke Project
项目编号: QRCM-IRG2022-029, 2022-2022
Authors:  Yonghua Zhao
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Research on Key Technology of Intelligent Traffic Management Based on Spatio-temporal Graph: Taking Macau and Beijing as Examples Project
项目编号: 0109/2022/AFJ, 2022-
Authors:  Pengyang Wang
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曹植作品經典化研究與文集新校箋 Project
项目编号: 21BZW085, 2022-
Authors:  張月
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