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Board surname sharing and investment efficiency: Evidence from Chinese state-owned enterprises Journal article
Corporate Governance: An International Review (IF:5.66[JCR-2021],7.875[5-Year]), 2022
Authors:  Baibing Huang;  Endong Yang;  Zhang Y(張洋)
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CEOs' marital status and corporate innovation Journal article
Journal of Product Innovation Management, 2022,Volume: 39,Issue: 5,Page: 686-716
Authors:  Zhang, Yang;  Zheng, Huanhuan;  Lam, Desmond;  Fu, Xiaoqing Maggie;  Li, Mengling
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Ceo  Innovation Efficiency  Marital Status  
The impact of financial regulation on the stickiness of credit card lending rate: evidence from the USA Journal article
Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 2021,Volume: 57,Issue: 4,Page: 1195-1213
Authors:  Liu, Ming Hua;  Liu, Tianyun;  Shrestha, Keshab;  Zhang, Yang
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Card Act  Cost Of Funds  Error Correction Model  Lending Rates  U.s. Credit Card Industry  
The Relationship between Refined Retail Oil Prices and Crude Oil Prices: A Tale of Three Cities in the Greater Bay Area of China Journal article
Chinese Economy, 2021,Volume: 54,Issue: 3,Page: 157-175
Authors:  Choi, Kiki;  Liu, Ming Hua;  Zhang, Yang
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Asymmetric Adjustment  Asymmetric Error Correction Model (Aecm)  Greater Bay Area Of China  International Crude Oil Price  Petrol And Diesel Prices  
Responsible investing in the gaming industry Journal article
Journal of Corporate Finance, 2020
Authors:  Qiaoqing Fu;  Yongjia lin;  Yang Zhang
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Margin trade, short sales and financial stability Journal article
Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination, 2020
Authors:  Hui Ying Sng;  Yang Zhang;  Huanhuan Zheng
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Margin Requirement  Financial Stability  Speculation  Leverage  
CEPA and Mainland-Hong Kong’s economic relations Book chapter
出自: in “China and East Asian Economic Integration”, edited by Sarah Tong and Kong Tuan Yuen,:World Scientific,, 2020
Authors:  Zhang Y(張洋)
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Intraday Herding on Cross-Listed Stocks ─ Spillover and Abnormal Return Journal article
Chinese Economy, 2020,Page: 25-61
Authors:  Lai, R.N.;  Zhang, Y.
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Herding  Cross-listing  Chinese stock markets  Hong Kong stock market  
Housing policies in Greater China and Singapore Journal article
Economic and Political Studies, 2020,Volume: 8,Issue: 1,Page: 41-64
Authors:  Zhang, Yang;  Zhang, Qingyong;  Zheng, Huanhuan
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Housing Policies  Mainland Of China  Singapore  The Hong Kong Sar  The Macao Sar  
Spillover and Profitability of Intraday Herding on Cross-Listed Stocks Journal article
The Chinese Economy, 2020,Volume: 53,Issue: 1,Page: 25-61
Authors:  LAI, Rose Neng;  Yang Zhang
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Herding  Cross-listing  Chinese Stock Markets  Hong Kong Stock Market