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19th International Conference on Information Visualisation, IV 2015, Barcelona, Spain, July 22-24, 2015 Conference proceedings
Authors:  Banissi, E.;  Bannatyne, M.;  Bouali, F.;  Burkhard, R.;  Counsell, J.;  Cvek, U.,;  Eppler, M.;  Grinstein, G.;  Huang, W.;  Kernbach, S,;  Lin, C,;  Lin, F,;  Marchese, F,;  Pun, C. M.;  Sarfraz, M;  Trutschl, M, Ursyn, A, Venturini, G., Wyeld, T, Zhang, J
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Implementation of psychiatric-focused lifestyle medicine programs in Asia Journal article
Asia-Pacific Psychiatry, 2015,Volume: 7,Issue: 4,Page: 345-354
Authors:  Sarris, J;  Nishi, D;  Xiang, YT;  Su, KP;  Bannatyne, A;  Oliver;  Kua, EH;  Ng, CH
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Asia  Health Promotion  Lifestyle  Mental Health  Psychiatry