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Do China rural traditional Chinese medicine hospitals provide efficient healthcare to the people? Empirical study from 2013 to 2018 using data envelopment analysis Journal article
PLoS ONE, 2022,Volume: 17,Issue: 4 April
Authors:  Bai, Qian;  Man, Xiaowei;  Hong, Baolin;  Li, Bo;  Shi, Xuefeng;  Bian, Ying
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Seeing the unseen of Chinese herbal medicine processing (Paozhi): advances in new perspectives Journal article
CHINESE MEDICINE, 2018,Volume: 13
Authors:  Wu, Xu;  Wang, Shengpeng;  Lu, Junrong;  Jing, Yong;  Li, Mingxing;  Cao, Jiliang;  Bian, Baolin;  Hu, Changjiang
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Processing  Chinese Herbal Medicines  Decoction Pieces  Standardization  Mechanism  
Chemical profiling analysis of Maca using UHPLC-ESI-Orbitrap MS coupled with UHPLC-ESI-QqQ MS and the neuroprotective study on its active ingredients Journal article
Authors:  Zhou, Yanyan;  Li, Peng;  Brantner, Adelheid;  Wang, Hongjie;  Shu, Xinbin;  Yang, Jian;  Si, Nan;  Han, Lingyu;  Zhao, Haiyu;  Bian, Baolin
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