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Extending the theory of planned behavior to examine Chinese parents’ intention to use child care services for children under age 3 Journal article
Children and Youth Services Review, 2021,Volume: 129
Authors:  Wang, Xinghua;  Zhang, Mengmeng;  Yu, Yiqing;  Hu, Biying;  Yang, Xiantong
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Behavioral Intentions  Child Care Services  Extended Theory Of Planned Behavior  Pls-sem  
Individual Differences in Negative Emotion Differentiation Predict Resting-State Spontaneous Emotional Regulatory Processes Journal article
Frontiers in Psychology, 2020,Volume: 11
Authors:  Wang, Yali;  Shangguan, Chenyu;  Gu, Chuanhua;  Hu, Biying
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Emotion Differentiation  Frontal Alpha Asymmetry  Resting-state  Spontaneous Emotion Regulation  Theta/beta Ratio  
‘Good job!’: unpacking praise practices of high- and low-quality early childhood teachers in China Journal article
Early Child Development and Care, 2019
Authors:  X. Christine Wang;  Wei Dai;  Biying Hu;  Zhanmei Song
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Child–teacher Interaction  Cultural Practice  Early Childhood  Praise  
Mapping the frontal alpha asymmetry indicators of habitual emotion regulation: A data-driven approach Journal article
NeuroReport, 2018,Volume: 29,Issue: 15,Page: 1288-1292
Authors:  Wang,Yali;  Lu,Jiamei;  Gu,Chuanhua;  Hu,Biying
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emotion regulation  factor analysis  frontal alpha asymmetry  reappraisal  
Mapping the frontal alpha asymmetry indicators of habitual emotion regulation: a data-driven approach Journal article
NEUROREPORT, 2018,Volume: 29,Issue: 15,Page: 1288-1292
Authors:  Wang, Yali;  Lu, Jiamei;  Gu, Chuanhua;  Hu, Biying
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emotion regulation  factor analysis  frontal alpha asymmetry  reappraisal  
How are extraversion, exhibitionism, and gender associated with posting selfies on WeChat friends' circle in Chinese teenagers? Journal article
Authors:  Mingjia Guo;  Ru-De Liu;  Yi Ding;  Biying Hu;  Rui Zhen;  Ying Liu;  Ronghuan Jiang
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Extraversion  Selfie  Exhibitionism  Wechat Friends' Circle  Chinese Teenagers  
Early childhood education quality and child outcomes in China: Evidence from Zhejiang Province Journal article
Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 2016,Volume: 36,Page: 427-438
Authors:  Kejian Li;  Yi Pan;  Biying Hu;  Margaret Burchinal;  Allison De Marco;  Xitao Fan;  Jinliang Qin
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Association  Child Outcome  China  Early Childhood Education  Quality  
The role of early language abilities on math skills among Chinese children Conference paper
Conference Proceedings of ICMI Study 23: Primary Mathematics Study on Whole Numbers, Macao, China, June 3 - 7, 2015
Authors:  Juan Zhang;  Yaxuan Meng;  Biying Hu;  Xitao Fan;  Sum Kwing Cheun;  Ning Yang;  Chunlian Jiang
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Formal Math  Informal Math  Language Ability  
Inclusion as an approach and process for promoting acceptance and success: Comparative perspectives between the United States and China Journal article
International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education, 2015,Volume: 7,Issue: 2,Page: 238-250
Authors:  Zhang, Chun;  Hu, Biying
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Early Childhood Special Education  Early Intervention  Inclusion  Policy Making