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Enhancing Context-aware Reactive Planning for Unexpected Situations of On-orbit Spacecraft Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, 2022
Authors:  Shen, Bingqing;  Xu, Li Da;  Cai, Hongming;  Yu, Han;  Hu, Pan;  Jiang, Lihong;  Guo, Jingzhi
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Aerospace Electronics  Context Modeling  Instruments  Planning  Propulsion  Resilience  Space Vehicles  
Reopen Offline Business during a Pandemic? Characterization of Health Certificate Exchange for Human Movement Managemen Conference paper
Proceedings of 2021 IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering (ICEBE), Guangzhou, November 12-14, 2021
Authors:  Shen, Bingqing;  Tan, Weiming;  Cai, Hongming;  Jiang, Lihong;  Guo, Jingzhi;  Qin, Peng
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Reopen Offline Business during a Pandemic? Characterization of Health Certificate Exchange for Human Movement Management Conference paper
Proceedings - 2021 IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering, ICEBE 2021
Authors:  Shen, Bingqing;  Tan, Weiming;  Cai, Hongming;  Guo, Jingzhi;  Jiang, Lihong;  Qin, Peng
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COVID-19  Health information exchange  Movement management  Offline business  Pandemic  
Message from the General Chairs Other
Authors:  Chung, Jen Yao;  Wu, Qingyao;  Chao, Kuo Ming;  Guo, Jingzhi;  Li, Yinsheng;  Tian, Feng;  Cai, Hongming
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A study on design requirement development and satisfaction for future virtualworld systems Journal article
Future Internet, 2020,Volume: 12,Issue: 12
Authors:  Shen,Bingqing;  Tan,Weiming;  Guo,Jingzhi;  Cai,Hongming;  Wang,Bin;  Zhuo,Shuaihe
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Augmented Reality  Design Requirement  Distributed Architecture  Trend Analysis  Virtual Reality  Virtual World  
Message from the ICEBE 2016 Program Chairs Journal article
Proceedings - 13th IEEE International Conference on E-Business Engineering, ICEBE 2016 - Including 12th Workshop on Service-Oriented Applications, Integration and Collaboration, SOAIC 2016, 2017,Page: xi-xii
Authors:  Cai, Hongming;  Guo, Jingzhi
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