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Affine particle-in-cell method for two-phase liquid simulation Journal article
Virtual Reality and Intelligent Hardware, 2021,Volume: 3,Issue: 2,Page: 105-117
Authors:  Lyu, Luan;  Cao, Wei;  Wu, Enhua;  Yang, Zhixin
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Affine Particle-in-cell Method  Fluid Simulation  Two-phase Flow  
Stigma, Discrimination, and Hate Crimes in Chinese-Speaking World amid Covid-19 Pandemic Journal article
Asian Journal of Criminology, 2021,Volume: 16,Issue: 1,Page: 51-74
Authors:  Xu, Jianhua;  Sun, Guyu;  Cao, Wei;  Fan, Wenyuan;  Pan, Zhihao;  Yao, Zhaoyu;  Li, Han
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Covid-19  Hate Crimes  Stigma  
Editorial: Nanotechnology in Traditional Medicines and Natural Products Other
Authors:  Zhang, Ruoyu;  Liu, Fang;  Tian, Ye;  Cao, Wei;  Wang, Ruibing
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Artemisnins  Drug Delivery  Immunotherapy  Natural Products  Traditional Nanomedicines  
Virtual Reality App for ASD Child Early Training Conference paper
Communications in Computer and Information Science
Authors:  Fan, Lei;  Cao, Wei;  Du, Yasong;  Chen, Jing;  Zhou, Jiantao;  Zhai, Guangtao
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ASD  Autism  Child  Early training  Virtual reality  
Screening of Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Novel Biological Motion Stimuli Conference paper
Communications in Computer and Information Science
Authors:  Fan, Lei;  Cao, Wei;  Duan, Huiyu;  Du, Yasong;  Chen, Jing;  Hou, Siqian;  Zhu, Hong;  Xu, Na;  Zhou, Jiantao;  Zhai, Guangtao
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ASD  Biological motion  Eye tracking  Insistence on sameness  SVM  
Fracture Patterns Design for Anisotropic Models with the Material Point Method Journal article
Computer Graphics Forum, 2020,Volume: 39,Issue: 7,Page: 93-104
Authors:  Cao,Wei;  Lyu,Luan;  Ren,Xiaohua;  Zhang,Bob;  Yang,Zhixin;  Wu,Enhua
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Ccs Concepts  Physical Simulation  • Computing Methodologies → Animation  
An improved solution for deformation simulation of nonorthotropic geometric models Journal article
Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, 2020,Volume: 31,Issue: 1
Authors:  Cao,Wei;  Yang,Zhixin;  Ren,Xiaohua;  Lyu,Luan;  Zhang,Bob;  Zhang,Yanci;  Wu,Enhua
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Deformation Simulation  Finite Element Method  Nonorthotropic Constitutive Model  Physically Based Animation  
Extended narrow band weighted multi FLIP for two-phase liquid simulation Conference paper
Proceedings - VRCAI 2019: 17th ACM SIGGRAPH International Conference on Virtual-Reality Continuum and its Applications in Industry, N/A, 2019-11-14
Authors:  Lyu,Luan;  Cao,Wei;  Wu,Enhua;  Yang,Zhixin
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Extended Narrow Band Flip  Extended Narrow Bandweighted Multiflip  Multiflip  Two-phase Fluid Simulation