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Metal complexes as inhibitors of transcription factor activity Journal article
Coord Chem Rev, 2013,Volume: 257,Issue: 21-22,Page: 3139-3151
Authors:  Leung CH;  He HZ;  Liu LJ;  Wang M;  Chan DSH;  Ma DL
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Transcription Factor  Metal Complex  Inhibitor  Protein  Dna  
Bioactive iridium and rhodium complexes as therapeutic agents Journal article
Coord Chem Rev, 2013,Volume: 257,Issue: 11-12,Page: 1764-1776
Authors:  Leung CH;  Zhong HJ;  Chan DSH;  Ma DL
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Iridium  Metallodrug  Inorganic Medicine  Rhodium  Anti-cancer  
Drug repositioning by structure-based virtual screening Journal article
Chem Soc Rev, 2013,Volume: 42,Issue: 5,Page: 2130-2141
Authors:  Ma DL;  Chan DSH;  Leung CH
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