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Self-Evolutionary Neuron Model for Fast-Response Spiking Neural Networks Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, 2021
Authors:  Zhang, Anguo;  Han, Ying;  Hu, Jing;  Niu, Yuzhen;  Gao, Yueming;  Chen, Zhizhang;  Zhao, Kai
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Adaptation models  Biomembranes  Capacitance  Capacitors  Computational modeling  Fast Response Network  Neuromorphics  Neurons  Self-Evolutionary Neuron Model  Spiking Neural Network  Synaptic Plasticity.  
An Intermittent Frequency Synthesizer with Accurate Frequency Detection for Fast Duty-Cycled Receivers Journal article
IEEE Access, 2020,Volume: 8,Page: 45148-45155
Authors:  Yin,Yadong;  El-Sankary,Kamal;  Chen,Zhizhang;  Gao,Yueming;  Vai,Mang I.;  Pun,Sio Hang
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Duty Cycle  Frequency Detector  Frequency Synthesizer  Initial Phase Error  Phase-locked Loop