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Efficient Algorithms for Kernel Aggregation Queries Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2022,Volume: 34,Issue: 6,Page: 2726-2739
Authors:  Chan, Tsz Nam;  Hou, U. Leong;  Cheng, Reynold;  Yiu, Man Lung;  Mittal, Shivansh
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Karl  Kernel Functions  Lower And Upper Bounds  
Kdv-explorer: A near real-time kernel density visualization system for spatial analysis Journal article
Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment, 2021,Volume: 14,Issue: 12,Page: 2655-2658
Authors:  Chan, Tsz Nam;  Ip, Pak Lon;  U, Leong Hou;  Tong, Weng Hou;  Mittal, Shivansh;  Li, Ye;  Cheng, Reynold
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Fast augmentation algorithms for network kernel density visualization Journal article
Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment, 2021,Volume: 14,Issue: 9,Page: 1503-1516
Authors:  Chan, Tsz Nam;  Li, Zhe;  U, Leong Hou;  Xu, Jianliang;  Cheng, Reynold
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A Toolkit for Managing Multiple Crowdsourced Top-K Queries Conference paper
International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Proceedings, Virtual Event Ireland, October 19 - 23, 2020
Authors:  Shan,Caihua;  Hou,Leong;  Mamoulis,Nikos;  Cheng,Reynold
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Crowdsourcing  Query Management  Top-k Query  
A General Early-Stopping Module for Crowdsourced Ranking Conference paper
South Korea, 2020 April
Authors:  Shan, Caihua;  U, Leong Hou;  Mamoulis, Nikos;  Cheng, Reynold;  Li, Xiang
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