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Learner Characteristics Enhancing Academic Resilience: Analysis of Five High-Performing Chinese Economies in PISA 2012 Journal article
International Journal of Education and Psychology in the Community, 2022,Volume: -,Issue: -,Page: -
Authors:  Cheung, K.C.;  Sit, P.S.;  Mak, S.K.;  Ieong, M.K.
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Academic Resilience  Behavioral Engagement  Cognitive Attribution  Learner Characteristic  Pisa  
從學校氛圍視角分析華人地區學生PISA 2018閱讀素養的表現 Journal article
課程與教學季刊, 2022,Volume: 25,Issue: 2
Authors:  麥瑞琪;  張國祥;  薛寶嫦;  楊文佳
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比較教育  華人地區  閱讀素養  學校氛圍  Pisa  
Factors associated with academic resilience in disadvantaged students: An analysis based on the PISA 2015 B-S-J-G (China) sample Journal article
Frontiers in Psychology, 2022,Volume: -,Issue: -,Page: -
Authors:  Jin, S.L.;  Fang, G.B.;  Cheung, K. C.;  Sit, P. S.
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從學校氛圍視角分析華人學生PISA 2018閱讀素養的表現 Conference paper
中國澳門, 2022年5月
Authors:  薛寶嫦;  張國祥
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Does abolishment of grade repetition improve student academic performance in Macao? Presentation
报告日期: 2022-03-17
Authors:  Cheung, K. C.;  Sit, P. S.
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A Combinatorial CRISPR–Cas9 Screen Identifies Ifenprodil as an Adjunct to Sorafenib for Liver Cancer Treatment Journal article
Cancer Research, 2021,Volume: 81,Issue: 24,Page: 6219-6232
Authors:  Xu, Feng;  Tong, Man;  Tong, Cindy S.W.;  Chan, Becky K.C.;  Chu, Hoi Yee;  Wong, Tin Lok;  Fong, John H.C.;  Cheung, Maggie S.H.;  Mak, Kylie Hin Man;  Pardeshi, Lakhansing;  Huang, Yuanhua;  Wong, Koon Ho;  Choi, Gigi C.G.;  Ma, Stephanie;  Wong, Alan S.L.
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澳門PISA 2018問卷資料彙編 Book
澳門:澳門大學教育與測驗評核研究中心, 2021
Authors:  方燕芬;  薛寶嫦;  張國祥
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Pisa  問卷  
Using data mining to explore factors that distinguish between students with high and low mathematical literacy performance – an example with socio-economically disadvantaged and advantaged students in Journal article
Chinese/English Journal of Educational Measurement and Evaluation, 2021,Volume: 2,Issue: 4,Page: 1-14
Authors:  Sou, Wa Kit;  Cheung, Kwok Cheung;  Ieong, Man Kai;  Mak, Soi Kei
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Pisa  Classification And Regression Trees  Socioeconomic Status  Mathematical Literacy  Data Mining  
Secondary analysis of PISA data for grade level effect due to grade repetition on improvement in reading performance Journal article
International Journal of Education and Psychology in the Community, 2021,Page: 180-194
Authors:  Cheung, K. C.;  Sit, P. S.;  Mak, S. K.;  Ieong, M. K.
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Grade Level Effect  Grade Repetition  Macao  Pisa  Self-regulatory Learning  
以数据挖掘的方式探索区分高低数学素养表现学生之因素——以澳门社经弱势及优势背景学生为例 Journal article
教育測量與評估雙語季刊, 2021,Page: 15-26
Authors:  Sou, W. K.;  Cheung, K. C.;  Ieong, M. K.;  Mak, S. K.
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PISA  分类与回归树  社经地位  数学素养  数据挖掘