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Guided waves-based damage identification in plates through an inverse Bayesian process Journal article
Ultrasonics, 2022,Volume: 125
Authors:  Wu, W.;  Malik, M. K.;  Cantero-Chinchilla, S.;  Lawrie, T.;  Yan, W. J.;  Tanner, G.;  Remenyte-Prescott, R.;  Chronopoulos, D.
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Bayesian Inference  Damage Identification  Digital Twins  Guided Waves  Structural Health Monitoring  
A unified scheme to solving arbitrary complex-valued ratio distribution with application to statistical inference for frequency response functions and transmissibility functions Journal article
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 2020,Page: 106886-106886
Authors:  Yan, W.;  Zhao, M.;  Beer, M.;  Ren, W.;  Chronopoulos, D.
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Probability density function  Frequency response function  Transmissibility function  Complex ratio distribution  Sparse-grid quadrature rule  Structural health monitoring  
Bayesian inference for damage identification based on analytical probabilistic model of scattering coefficient estimators and ultrafast wave scattering simulation scheme Journal article
Journal of Sound and Vibration, 2020,Page: 115083-115083
Authors:  Yan, W.;  Chronopoulos, D.;  Papadimitriou, C.;  Cantero-Chinchilla, S.;  Zhu, G.
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Ultrasonic guided waves Damage identification Bayesian analysis Wave finite elements Uncertainty quantification Surrogate model  
An analytical perspective on Bayesian uncertainty quantification and propagation in mode shape assembly Journal article
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 2020,Page: 106376-106376
Authors:  Yan, W.;  Papadimitriou, C.;  Katafygiotis, L.;  Chronopoulos, D.
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Operational modal analysis Mode shape assembly Bayesian analysis Uncertainty propagation Structural health monitoring