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Firms’ corporate social responsibility behavior to stakeholders and its effect on financial performance indices: A case study of Ctrip Journal article
Journal of Accounting and Taxation, 2022,Volume: 14,Issue: 3,Page: 229-243
Authors:  Chu, Patrick Kuok Kun;  Li, Siqi
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Corporate Social Responsibility  Corporate Citizenship Report  Financial Performance  
Institutional cross-ownership and firm social performance Journal article
Corporate Governance: An International Review, 2022
Authors:  Fu, Yishu;  Liu, Chunbo;  Qin, Zhenjiang;  Zhao, Dongwei
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China  Corporate Governance  Corporate Social Responsibility  Institutional Cross-ownership  Signaling Theory  
Contextualizing motivating language to corporate social responsibility (Csr): How leader motivating language affects employees’ csr engagement and employee–organization relationships Journal article
Sustainability (Switzerland), 2021,Volume: 13,Issue: 23
Authors:  Zhang, Yafei;  Dong, Chuqing;  Weare, Andrea M.M.;  Ao, Song Harris
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Corporate Social Responsibility  Employee Csr Engagement  Employee–organization Relationships  Leader Communication  Motivating Language  
CSR and casino hotel branding: The joint moderation of CSR misfit and corporate awareness Journal article
Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 2021,Volume: 49,Page: 375-384
Authors:  Lau, Virginia Meng-Chan;  Ren, Lianping;  Yang, Fiona X.
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Casino Hotels  Corporate Awareness  Corporate Image  Corporate Loyalty  Corporate Social Responsibility  Csr Fit  
Are better-connected CEOs more socially responsible? Evidence from the U.S. restaurant industry Journal article
Tourism Management, 2021,Volume: 85,Page: 104304
Authors:  Chen, Jean J.;  Ko, Stanley I.M.;  Li, Leona S.Z.;  Yang, Fiona X.
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Ceo  Corporate Social Responsibility  Impression Management Theory  Network Centrality  Resource-based Theory  Restaurant Industry  Stakeholder Theory  
Corporate social responsibility and investment efficiency: Does business strategy matter? Journal article
International Review of Financial Analysis, 2021,Volume: 73
Authors:  Lin, Yu En;  Li, Yi Wen;  Cheng, Teng Yuan;  Lam, Keith
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Business Strategy  Corporate Social Responsibility  Investment Efficiency  Moderating Effect  
An original sin of casino hotels? Consequences of CSR misfit and the remedies Journal article
International Journal of Hospitality Management, 2020,Volume: 87,Page: 102500
Authors:  Yang, Fiona X.;  Ren, Lianping;  Lau, Virginia Meng-Chan
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Corporate Social Responsibility  Casino Hotels  Csr Fit  Csr Authenticity  Relational Genuineness  Skepticism  
Information specificity, social topic awareness and message authenticity in CSR communication Journal article
Journal of Communication Management (ABS1), 2020,Page: 31-48
Authors:  Pérez, A.;  Salmones, M. ;  Liu, T. C.
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Corporate social responsibility  Messages  Information specificity  Social topic awareness  Authenticity  
How CSR influences customer behavioural loyalty in the Chinese hotel industry Journal article
Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 2019
Authors:  Matthew Tingchi Liu;  Yongdan Liu;  Ziying Mo;  Zhidong Zhao;  Zhenghao Zhu
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China  Corporate Social Responsibility  Brand Image  Hotel  Customer Trust  Customer Behavioural Loyalty  
Attributions of message authenticity in CSR communication Conference paper
Proceedings of the 48th European Marketing Academy Annual Conference
Authors:  Perez, A. ;  Salmones, G. ;  Liu, T. C.
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Corporate Social Responsibility  Authenticity  Communication