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Multi‐Phase Heterostructure of CoNiP/CoxP for Enhanced Hydrogen Evolution Under Alkaline and Seawater Conditions by Promoting H2O Dissociation Journal article
Small, 2021,Page: 1/2007557-10/2007557
Authors:  Liu, D.;  Ai, H.;  Chen, M.;  Zhou, P.;  Li, B.;  Liu, D.;  Du, X.;  Lo, K. H.;  Ng, K. W.;  Wang, S.;  Chen, S.;  Xing, G.;  Hu, J.;  Pan, H.
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Hydrogen Evolution  Multi-phase Heterostructure  
Development of electrocatalysts for efficient nitrogen reduction reaction under ambient condition Journal article
Advanced Functional Materials, 2020,Page: 1/2008983-36/2008983
Authors:  Liu, D.;  Chen, M.;  Du, X.;  Ai, H.;  Lo, K. H.;  Wang, S.;  Chen, S.;  Xing, G.;  Wang, X.;  Pan, H.
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Electrocatalyst  Nitrogen Reduction  
Vertically-aligned 1T/2H-MS2 (M= Mo, W) nanosheets for surface-enhanced Raman scattering with long-term stability and large-scale uniformity Journal article
Appl. Sur. Sci., 2020,Page: 146769-146769
Authors:  Chen, M.P.;  Ji, B.;  Dai, Z.Y.;  Du, X.Y.;  He, B.C.;  Chen, G.;  Liu, D.;  Chen, S.;  Lo, K.H.;  Wang, S.P.;  Zhou, B.P.;  Pan, H.
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Vertically-aligned 1T/2H-MS2 (M= Mo  W) nanosheets for surface-enhanced Raman scattering with long-term stability and large-scale uniformity  
Surface Reconstruction and Phase Transition on Vanadium-Cobalt-Iron Trimetal Nitrides to Form Active Oxyhydroxide for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation Journal article
Adv. Energy Mater., 2020,Page: 2002464-1-2002464-9
Authors:  Liu, D;  Ai, H;  Li, J;  Fang, M;  Chen, M;  Liu, D;  Du, X;  Zhou, P;  Li, F;  Lo, K. H.;  Tang, Y;  Chen, S.;  Wang, L;  Xing, G.;  Pan, H.
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Surface RecOnstructiOn And Phase TransitiOn On vanadium-cobalt-irOn Trimetal Nitrides To Form Active Oxyhydroxide For Enhanced Electrocatalytic Water oxidatiOn  
Honeybee products: An updated review of neurological actions Journal article
Trends in Food Science and Technology, 2020,Volume: 101,Page: 17-27
Authors:  El-Seedi, Hesham R.;  Khalifa, Shaden A.M.;  El-Wahed, Aida Abd;  Gao, Ruichang;  Guo, Zhiming;  Tahir, Haroon Elrasheid;  Zhao, Chao;  Du, Ming;  Farag, Mohamed A.;  Musharraf, Syed G.;  Abbas, Ghulam
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Bee Products  Neurodegeneration  Neuroprotection  Phenolic Compounds  
A new method for the frequency response curve and its unstable region of a strongly nonlinear oscillator Book chapter
出自: Nonlinear Dynamics of Structures, Systems and Devices:Springer, 2020, 页码: 65-74
Authors:  Du, H. E.;  Er, G. K.;  Iu, V. P.
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Strong nonlinearity  multiple-scales method  frequency response  unstable region  
Probabilistic Solutions of a Stretched Beam Discretized with Finite Difference Scheme and Excited by Kanai-Tajimi Ground Motion Journal article
Archives of Mechanics, 2019,Page: 433-457
Authors:  Er, G. K.;  Iu, V. P.;  Du, H. E.
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Stretched Beam  Nonlinear Random Vibration  Fpk Equation  Kanai-tajimi Ground Motion  Finite Difference Scheme  
Non-medical use of prescription drugs and cultural orientation among college students in China Journal article
Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 2019,Volume: 192,Page: 271-276
Authors:  Tam,Cheuk Chi;  Benotsch,Eric G.;  Wang,Xiaolei;  Lin,Danhua;  Du,Hongfei;  Chi,Peilian
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China  Collectivism  College students  Individualism  Non-medical use of prescription drugs  
Parameter-splitting perturbation method for the improved solutions to strongly nonlinear systems Journal article
Nonlinear Dynamics, 2019,Page: 1847-1863
Authors:  Du, H. E.;  Er, G. K.;  Iu, V. P.
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Nonlinear Oscillator  Parameter Splitting  Multiple-scales Method  Strong Nonlinearity  Optimum Solution  
Probabilistic Solutions of the Stretched Beam Systems Formulated by Finite Difference Scheme and Excited by Gaussian White Noise Book chapter
出自: IUTAM Symposium on Intelligent Multibody Systems - Dynamics, Control, Simulation:Springer, 2019, 页码: 99-114
Authors:  Er, G. K.;  Iu, V. P.;  Wang, K.;  Du, H. N.
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Stretched Beam  Nonlinear Random Vibration  Fpk Equation  Mdof System  Finite Difference  Sss-epc Method