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Fuzzy clustering for multiview data by combining latent information Journal article
Applied Soft Computing, 2022,Volume: 126
Authors:  Wei, Huiqin;  Chen, Long;  Chen, C. L.Philip;  Duan, Junwei;  Han, Ruizhi;  Guo, Li
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Fuzzy Clustering  Latent Information  Multiview Data  Tensor  Weighting  
Efficient graph convolutional networks for seizure prediction using scalp EEG Journal article
Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2022,Volume: 16
Authors:  Jia, Manhua;  Liu, Wenjian;  Duan, Junwei;  Chen, Long;  Chen, C. L.Philip;  Wang, Qun;  Zhou, Zhiguo
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Eeg  Gcn  Geometric Deep Learning  Seizure Prediction  Wearable Devices  
Graph-regularized Bayesian broad learning system 基于图正则化的贝叶斯宽度学习系统 Journal article
Chinese Journal of Intelligent Science and Technology, 2022,Volume: 4,Issue: 1,Page: 109-117
Authors:  Duan, Junwei;  Xu, Lincan;  Quan, Yujuan;  Chen, Long;  Chen, C. L.Philip
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Bayesian inference  board learning system  graph regularization  pattern recognition  
An Image-Based Benchmark Dataset and a Novel Object Detector for Water Surface Object Detection Journal article
Frontiers in Neurorobotics, 2021,Volume: 15
Authors:  Zhou, Zhiguo;  Sun, Jiaen;  Yu, Jiabao;  Liu, Kaiyuan;  Duan, Junwei;  Chen, Long;  Chen, C. L.Philip
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Surface Object Detection  Dataset  Detector  Baseline  Cross-dataset Validation  
A Novel GA-Based Optimized Approach for Regional Multimodal Medical Image Fusion with Superpixel Segmentation Journal article
IEEE Access, 2021,Volume: 9,Page: 96353-96366
Authors:  Duan, Junwei;  Mao, Shuqi;  Jin, Junwei;  Zhou, Zhiguo;  Chen, Long;  Chen, C. L.Philip
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Genetic Algorithm  Log-gabor Filter  Multimodal Medical Image Fusion  Sum Modified Laplacian  Superpixel Segmentation  
A fusion approach for rotating machinery fault diagnosis using double sample K-S inspection and modified d-s algorithm Conference paper
Proceedings - 2020 35th Youth Academic Annual Conference of Chinese Association of Automation, YAC 2020, Zhanjiang, PEOPLES R CHINA, OCT 16-18, 2020
Authors:  Xiong,Jianbin;  Liu,Wenhao;  Liu, Wenhao;  Chen, Long;  Wang, Qi;  Duan,Junwei
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Dimensionless Parameters  Evidence Fusion  Fault Diagnosis  Kolmogorov-smirnov  Rotary Machine  
Multifocus image fusion with enhanced linear spectral clustering and fast depth map estimation Journal article
NEUROCOMPUTING, 2018,Volume: 318,Page: 43-54
Authors:  Duan, Junwei;  Chen, Long;  Chen, C. L. Philip
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Multifocus Image Fusion  Superpixel  Linear Spectral Clustering  Depth Information  Multi-image Guided Filtering