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Improving Conversational Recommender System by Pretraining Billion-scale Knowledge Graph Conference paper
Proceedings of 2021 IEEE 37th International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE)
Authors:  Wong, C.M.;  Feng, F.;  Zhang, W.;  Vong, C. M.;  Chen, H.;  Zhang, Y.C.;  He, P.;  Chen, H.;  Zhao, K.;  Chen, H.J.
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Conversational Recommender Systems (CRS)  Click-through rate (CTR)  K-DCN  
Close-loop recycling of perovskite solar cells through dissolution-recrystallization of perovskite by butylamine Journal article
Cell Reports Physical Science, 2021,Page: 100341-100341
Authors:  Feng, X.Y.;  Guo, Q.;  Xiu, J.;  Ying, Z;  Ng, K. W.;  Huang, L.M.;  Wang, S.P.;  Pan, H.;  Tang, Z.;  He, Z.B.
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Perovskite  recycling  solar cells  butylamine  
The drug likeness analysis of anti‑inflammatory clerodane diterpenoids Journal article
Chinese Medicine, 2020,Page: 126-126
Authors:  Feng, Z.;  Cao, J.;  Zhang, Q. W.;  Lin, L.
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Clerodane diterpenoids  Anti-inflammation  Drug-likeness  SwissADME  
Targeting RNA helicase DHX33 blocks Ras-driven lung tumorigenesis in vivo Journal article
Cancer Science, 2020,Volume: 111,Issue: 10,Page: 3564-3575
Authors:  Wang,Xingshun;  Feng,Weimin;  Peng,Cheng;  Chen,Shiyun;  Ji,Hongbin;  Zhong,Hanbing;  Ge,Wei;  Zhang,Yandong
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Dhx33  Lung Cancer  Oncogene  Ras  Rna Helicase  
Consensus on the reporting and experimental design of clinical and cognitive-behavioural neurofeedback studies (CRED-nf checklist) Journal article
Brain, 2020,Volume: 143,Issue: 6,Page: 1674-1685
Authors:  Ros,Tomas;  Enriquez-Geppert,Stefanie;  Zotev,Vadim;  Young,Kymberly D.;  Wood,Guilherme;  Whitfield-Gabrieli,Susan;  Wan,Feng;  Vuilleumier,Patrik;  Vialatte,François;  Van De Ville,Dimitri;  Todder,Doron;  Surmeli,Tanju;  Sulzer,James S.;  Strehl,Ute;  Sterman,Maurice Barry;  Steiner,Naomi J.;  Sorger,Bettina;  Soekadar,Surjo R.;  Sitaram,Ranganatha;  Sherlin,Leslie H.;  Schönenberg,Michael;  Scharnowski,Frank;  Schabus,Manuel;  Rubia,Katya;  Rosa,Agostinho;  Reiner,Miriam;  Pineda,Jaime A.;  Paret,Christian;  Ossadtchi,Alexei;  Nicholson,Andrew A.;  Nan,Wenya;  Minguez,Javier;  Micoulaud-Franchi,Jean Arthur;  Mehler,David M.A.;  Lührs,Michael;  Lubar,Joel;  Lotte,Fabien;  Linden,David E.J.;  Lewis-Peacock,Jarrod A.;  Lebedev,Mikhail A.;  Lanius,Ruth A.;  Kübler,Andrea;  Kranczioch,Cornelia;  Koush,Yury;  Konicar,Lilian;  Kohl,Simon H.;  Kober,Silivia E.;  Klados,Manousos A.;  Jeunet,Camille;  Janssen,T. W.P.;  Huster,Rene J.;  Hoedlmoser,Kerstin;  Hirshberg,Laurence M.;  Heunis,Stephan;  Hendler,Talma;  Hampson,Michelle;  Guggisberg,Adrian G.;  Guggenberger,Robert;  Gruzelier,John H.;  Göbel,Rainer W.;  Gninenko,Nicolas;  Gharabaghi,Alireza;  Frewen,Paul;  Fovet,Thomas;  Fernández,Thalía;  Escolano,Carlos;  Ehlis,Ann Christine;  Drechsler,Renate;  Christopher Decharms,R.;  Debener,Stefan;  De Ridder,Dirk;  Davelaar,Eddy J.;  Congedo,Marco;  Cavazza,Marc;  Breteler,Marinus H.M.;  Brandeis,Daniel;  Bodurka,Jerzy;  Birbaumer,Niels;  Bazanova,Olga M.;  Barth,Beatrix;  Bamidis,Panagiotis D.;  Auer,Tibor;  Arns,Martijn;  Thibault,Robert T.
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Checklist  Consensus  Guidelines  Neurofeedback  Regulation  
Dual-Functional Terahertz Waveplate Based on All-Dielectric Metamaterial Journal article
Physical Review Applied, 2020,Page: 034042-1-034042-8
Authors:  Zi, J.;  Li, Y.;  Feng, X.;  Xu, Q.;  Liu, H.;  Zhang, X.X.;  Han, J.;  Zhang, W.
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metamaterials  teraherts devices  
Xanthones, a promising anti-inflammatory scaffold: structure, activity and drug likeness analysis Journal article
Molecules, 2020,Page: 598-598
Authors:  Feng, Z.;  Lu, X.;  Gan, L.;  Zhang, Q. W.;  Lin, L.
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Xanthones  anti-inflammation  Drug-likeness  SwissADME  
Genetic risk of extranodal natural killer T-cell lymphoma: a genome-wide association study in multiple populations Journal article
The Lancet Oncology, 2020,Volume: 21,Issue: 2,Page: 306-316
Authors:  Lin G.-W.;  Xu C.;  Chen K.;  Huang H.-Q.;  Chen J.;  Song B.;  Chan J.K.C.;  Li W.;  Liu W.;  Shih L.-Y.;  Chuang W.-Y.;  Kim W.S.;  Tan W.;  Peng R.-J.;  Laurensia Y.;  Cheah D.M.Z.;  Huang D.;  Cheng C.L.;  Su Y.-J.;  Tan S.-Y.;  Ng S.-B.;  Tang T.P.L.;  Han K.;  Wang V.Y.-F.;  Jia W.-H.;  Pei Z.;  Li Y.-J.;  Gao S.;  Shi Y.;  Hu Z.;  Zhang F.;  Zhang B.;  Zeng Y.-X.;  Shen H.;  He L.;  Ong C.K.;  Lim S.T.;  Chanock S.;  Kwong Y.-L.;  Lin D.;  Rothman N.;  Khor C.C.;  Lan Q.;  Bei J.-X.;  Au W.-Y.;  Chiu B.;  Fan L.;  Li Z.;  LAM T.H.;  Liang R.;  Yeh S.-P.;  Xu J.;  Ip D.K.M.;  Li G.;  Xu G.;  Wang X.;  Bai O.;  Cai Q.-Q.;  Xia Y.;  Chen J.-R.;  Luo C.-L.;  Xiong X.-Y.;  Zeng Y.;  Wei P.-P.;  Liu C.-J.;  Liu Y.-X.;  Cao Y.-L.;  He S.;  Liu Y.;  Ha J.C.H.;  Khoo L.P.;  Kee R.X.;  Tan J.;  Liu Y.;  Zhang F.;  Feng Y.;  Rao H.;  Chng W.J.;  Chan J.Y.S.;  Somasundaram N.D.;  Tao M.;  Ras M.F.B.H.;  Yeoh K.-W.;  Goh Y.T.;  Ong S.Y.;  Grigoropoulos N.F.;  Wong E.K.Y.;  Pang J.W.L.;  Lim J.Q.;  Chia B.K.H.;  Kim S.J.;  Yoon S.E.;  Choi S.;  Kuo C.-Y.;  Chen T.-Y.;  Su Y.-C.;  Huang W.-T.;  Lee M.-Y.;  Yao W.;  Ngan K.-C.;  Liu H.;  Lee H.;  Yip S.-F.;  Liu J.;  Li J.;  Rabkin C.S.;  Berndt S.;  Bassig B.;  Hu W.;  Zhao M.;  Li Y.;  Zhai Q.;  Shao Z.;  Qiu L.;  Wang J.;  Xu F.-P.;  Chen L.;  Hou Y.;  Xu S.;  Huang Z.;  Xie M.;  Li M.;  Zhong S.;  Zhang Y.;  Gu D.;  Wang X.;  Foo J.N.;  Li Z.;  Dai J.;  Sun L.;  Wang Z.;  Liu H.;  Zhou H.;  Sun Y.;  Koh W.-P.;  Heng C.-K.;  Hong C.S.;  Ahn J.;  Park K.H.;  Tin A.;  Gu J.;  Xia X.;  Li B.;  Yu X.;  International NKTCL Working Group
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Identifying translation problems in English-Chinese sight translation: An eye-tracking experiment Journal article
Translation & Interpreting Studies, 2019,Page: 110-134
Authors:  su, w.;  Li, D.
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translation problem triggers  cognitive load  eye-tracking  sight translation  linear mixed-effects regression modeling  
Spiro[pyrrol-benzopyran] Based Probe with High Asymmetry for Chiroptical Sensing via Circular Dichroism Journal article
Chemical Communications, 2019,Page: 7438-7441
Authors:  Tan, J.;  Wang, C.;  Lao, H.;  Wang, W.;  Feng, G.;  Yuan, D.;  Wu, C;  Zhang, X.
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Chiroptical sensing  spiro-fluorophore  ROS  phenothiazine