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A Paradigm for Examining the Interplay of Environmental Investment, Environmental Disclosure and Firm Performance in China Book chapter
出自: Corporate Resilience: Risk, Sustainability and Future Crises, New York:Springer, 2023
Authors:  Zhang, Ruopiao;  Noronha, Carlos
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Environmental Investment  Environmental Disclosure  Firm Performance  China  Green  
Confucianism, successor choice, and firm performance in family firms: Evidence from China Journal article
Journal of Corporate Finance, 2021,Volume: 69
Authors:  Chen, Mengyuan;  Xiao, Jason Zezhong;  Zhao, Yang
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China  Confucianism  Family Businesses  Firm Performance  Guanxi  Leadership Succession  Returnees  Successor Choice  
The Effects of Social Value Generation on Stock Price Synchronicity and Firm Performance: Evidence from Chinese Stock Markets Conference paper
The Eighth International Conference of the JIAR
Authors:  Zhang, R.;  Chu, T.;  Noronha, C.;  Guan, J.
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Social contribution value per share (SCVPS)  Social value generation  Stock price synchronicity  Firm performance  
Credit default swap spreads: market conditions, firm performance, and the impact of the 2007–2009 financial crisis Journal article
Empirical Economics, 2021,Volume: 60,Issue: 5,Page: 2203-2225
Authors:  Fu, Xiaoqing;  Li, Matthew C.;  Molyneux, Philip
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Credit Default Swap Spread  Financial Crisis  Firm Performance  Macroeconomic Conditions  Structural Models  
How does firm's performance affect corporate social responsibility disclosure: The panel regression analysis on China listed firms Conference paper
Proceedings - 2020 16th Dahe Fortune China Forum and Chinese High-Educational Management Annual Academic Conference, DFHMC 2020, Zhengzhou, China, 4-6 Dec. 2020
Authors:  Chenge, Ma
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Component  Firm's Performance  Public Welfare-related Csr  Strategy-related Csr  
High-speed rail and inventory reduction: firm-level evidence from China Journal article
Applied Economics, 2019,Volume: 51,Issue: 25,Page: 2715-2730
Authors:  Cui,Chuantao;  Li,Leona Shao Zhi
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China  Firm Performance  High-speed Rail  Inventory  Transport Infrastructure  
Corporate social responsibility, firm performance and tax risk Journal article
MANAGERIAL AUDITING JOURNAL, 2019,Volume: 34,Issue: 9,Page: 1101-1130
Authors:  Xiaojun Lin;  Ming Liu;  Simon So;  Desmond Yuen
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Csr  Firm Performance  Tax Risk  
Capital Structure and Firm Performance: Empirical Research Based on Global E-Retailing Companies Conference paper
2018 IEEE 15th International Conference on e-Business Engineering (ICEBE), Xi'an, China, 12-14 Oct. 2018
Authors:  Rui She;  Jingzhi Guo
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Capital Structure  Firm Performance  Dea  Eretailing  
The Determinants and Effects of Voluntary Adoption of a Cumulative Voting System: Evidence from China Journal article
Pacific Basin Finance Journal, 2018,Page: 251-266
Authors:  Yuan, R. L. ;  Liu , C. ;  Xiao, J. Z. ;  Sun , J.
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Cumulative voting system  Principal-principal problems  Expropriation  Firm performance  Managerial entrenchment  
Does institutional ownership influence firm performance? Evidence from China Journal article
Authors:  Lin, Yongjia Rebecca;  Fu, Xiaoqing Maggie
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China  Firm performance  Institutional ownership