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The effect of positive mental imagery training on Chinese University students with depression: A pilot study Journal article
Current Psychology, 2022,Volume: 41,Issue: 6,Page: 3716-3729
Authors:  Sit, Hao Fong;  Hall, Brian J.;  Wang, Yaqi;  Zhang, Yiting;  Ju, Qianqian;  Gan, Yiqun
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Cognitive Bias  Depression  Guided Imagery  Intervention  Rumination  Students  
The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, risk perception, and perceived social support on public trust in physicians in China: A latent transition analysis Journal article
Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology, 2022,Volume: 16
Authors:  Chen, Yidi;  Hall, Brian J.;  Li, Wenju;  Wu, Jian hui;  Ma, Jinjin;  Zhu, Huanya;  Gan, Yiqun
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Latent Transition Model  Public Health Emergency  Restoration Of Public Trust  Risk Perception  Social Support  
The associations among emotional factors, personality traits, and addiction-like eating: A study on university students in six Asian countries/regions Journal article
International Journal of Eating Disorders, 2021,Volume: 54,Issue: 2,Page: 125-131
Authors:  Tang, Catherine So kum;  Gan, Yiqun;  Ko, Jenny;  Kwon, Jung hyde;  Wu, Anise;  Yan, Elsie;  Yogo, Masao
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Addiction-like Eating  Excessive Overeating  Food Addiction  
The fight against COVID-19 and the restoration of trust in Chinese medical professionals Journal article
Asian Journal of Psychiatry, 2020,Volume: 51
Authors:  Gan, Yiqun;  Chen, Yidi;  Wang, Cheng;  Latkin, Carl;  Hall, Brian J.
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