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A Comparative Study of the Electrodes Gels' Electrical Properties in the Measurement Issues of Intrabody Communication Journal article
Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology (English Edition), 2022,Volume: 31,Issue: 1,Page: 71-80
Authors:  Lin, Fengjie;  Wei, Ziliang;  Yang, Jiejie;  Wen, Yangrong;  Gao, Yueming;  Pun, Sio Hang;  Vai, Mang I.;  Du, Min
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Channel Characteristic Measurement  Conductivity  Gel Electrodes  Intrabody Communication  Permittivity  
Comparative Study on Galvanic-Coupled Intrabody Channel Characteristic Measurement Methods Journal article
Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology (English Edition), 2022,Volume: 31,Issue: 1,Page: 30-38
Authors:  Wen, Yangrong;  Lin, Fengjie;  Gao, Yueming;  Pun, Sio Hang;  Vai, Mang I.;  Du, Min
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Attenuation  Channel Characteristic Measurement  Galvanic-coupled Intrabody Communication  Return Path  
Development of a Photoelectric Adjustment System with Extended Range for Fluorescence Immunochromatographic Assay Strip Readers Journal article
IEEE Photonics Journal, 2021,Volume: 13,Issue: 3
Authors:  Wu, Huihuang;  Gao, Yueming;  Yang, Jiejie;  Vai, Mangi;  Du, Min;  Pun, Siohang
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Detection Range  Fluorescence Immunochromatographic Assay  Light Intensity  Photoelectric Adjustment  
A time-frequency measurement and evaluation approach for body channel characteristics in galvanic coupling intrabody communication Other
Authors:  Wei, Ziliang;  Wen, Yangrong;  Gao, Yueming;  Yang, Mingjing;  Yang, Jiejie;  Pun, Sio Hang;  Vai, Mang I.;  Du, Min
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Group Search Algorithm  Intrabody Communication  Multitone Excitation  Parallel Measurement  Time-frequency Evaluation  
Self-Evolutionary Neuron Model for Fast-Response Spiking Neural Networks Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, 2021
Authors:  Zhang, Anguo;  Han, Ying;  Hu, Jing;  Niu, Yuzhen;  Gao, Yueming;  Chen, Zhizhang;  Zhao, Kai
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Adaptation models  Biomembranes  Capacitance  Capacitors  Computational modeling  Fast Response Network  Neuromorphics  Neurons  Self-Evolutionary Neuron Model  Spiking Neural Network  Synaptic Plasticity.  
An Intermittent Frequency Synthesizer with Accurate Frequency Detection for Fast Duty-Cycled Receivers Journal article
IEEE Access, 2020,Volume: 8,Page: 45148-45155
Authors:  Yin,Yadong;  El-Sankary,Kamal;  Chen,Zhizhang;  Gao,Yueming;  Vai,Mang I.;  Pun,Sio Hang
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Duty Cycle  Frequency Detector  Frequency Synthesizer  Initial Phase Error  Phase-locked Loop  
Automatic range adjustment of the fluorescence immunochromatographic assay based on image processing Journal article
Sensors (Switzerland), 2020,Volume: 20,Issue: 1
Authors:  Jiang,Ruixin;  Wu,Huihuang;  Yang,Jianpeng;  Jiang,Haiyan;  Du,Min;  Vai,Mangi;  Pun,Siohang;  Gao,Yueming
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Fluorescence Immunochromatographic Assay  Point-of-care Testing  Automatic Range Adjustment  Image Processing  Exposure Time  
A Leg Phantom Model Based on the Visible Human Data for Intra-Body Communication Journal article
IEEE Journal of Electromagnetics, RF and Microwaves in Medicine and Biology, 2020,Volume: 5,Issue: 4,Page: 313-321
Authors:  Huang,Linnan;  Gao,Yueming;  Li,Dongming;  Lucev Vasic,Zeljka;  Cifrek,Mario;  Vai,Mang I.;  Du,Min;  Pun,Sio Hang
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3d Leg Phantom  In-body Channel  Intra-body Communication  On-body Channel  Phantom Mixture Recipe  Visible Human Data (Vhd)  
An intra-body communication research platform based on virtual instrument Conference paper
ICEMI 2017 - Proceedings of IEEE 13th International Conference on Electronic Measurement and Instruments, Yangzhou, China, 20-22 October 2017
Authors:  Lin Shi;  Gao Yueming;  Zhang Hengfei;  Luþev Vasiü Željka;  Vai Mang-I;  Du Min;  Cifrek Mario;  Pun Sio-Hang
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Intra-body Communication (Ibc)  Modulation-demodulation  Transceiver  Virtual Instrument  
A novel gait detection algorithm based on wireless inertial sensors Conference paper
IFMBE Proceedings, Sarajevo, BOSNIA & HERCEG, MAR 16-18, 2017
Authors:  Gao, Yueming;  Jiang, Ziqin;  Ni, Wenshu;  Vasic, Zeljka Lucev;  Cifrek, Mario;  Du, Min;  Vai, Mang I.;  Pun, Sio Hang
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Event Detection  Wireless Inertial Sensor  The Updating Threshold  The Cycle-extremum