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Perceptions of authorial voice: Why discrepancies exist Journal article
Assessing Writing, 2022,Volume: 53,Page: 1-12
Authors:  Zhao, Cecilia Guanfang;  Wu, Jincheng
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Rater Differences  Second Language Writing  Voice  Writing Assessment  
Implementing learning-oriented assessment (LOA) among low-proficiency EFL students Journal article
TESOL Quarterly, 2022,Page: 1-29
Authors:  Zhao, Cecilia Guanfang;  Qi Qi
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Theory-based approach to academic writing assessment in higher education: A conceptual framework for assessment design and development Book chapter
出自: Assessing the English Language Writing of Chinese Learners of English:Srpinger, 2022
Authors:  Zhao, Cecilia Guanfang
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Developing a Scenario-Based English Language Assessment in an Asian University Journal article
Language Assessment Quarterly, 2022,Volume: 19,Issue: 4,Page: 368-393
Authors:  Kunnan, A. J.;  Qin, C. Y.;  Zhao, Cecilia Guanfang
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Word or morpheme? Investigating the representation units of L1 and L2 Chinese compound words in mental lexicon using a repetition priming paradigm Journal article
International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 2022,Volume: 25,Issue: 7,Page: 2382-2396
Authors:  Fei Gao;  Jianqin Wang;  Guanfang Zhao;  Zhen Yuan
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Representational Units , L2 Chinese, Morpheme Property, Repetition Priming  
Implementing Learning-Oriented Assessment (LOA) Among Limited-Proficiency EFL Students: Challenges, Strategies, and Students' Reactions Journal article
TESOL Quarterly, 2022
Authors:  Zhao, Cecilia Guanfang;  Qi, Qi
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Learning-oriented Assessment  Limited-proficiency Students  Loa Implementation Challenges  Loa Implementation Strategies  Student Perceptions And Engagement  
I Didnt Even Know if My Students Were in Class”: Challenges of Teaching English Speaking Online Journal article
Journal of Asia TEFL, 2021,Volume: 18,Issue: 4,Page: 1455-1462
Authors:  Qi, Qi;  Liao, Linyu;  Guanfang Zhao, Cecilia
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Continuing the dialogue between writing experts and academic librarians: A conceptual model of information-based academic writing in higher education Journal article
Journal of Academic Librarianship, 2021,Volume: 47,Issue: 6
Authors:  Yu, Chengyuan;  Zhao, Cecilia Guanfang
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Academic Writing  Higher Education  Information Literacy  Knowledge Construction  
“I won’t try my best”: a narrative inquiry of a student’s graduation policy appropriation Journal article
Asia Pacific Education Review, 2021,Volume: 22,Issue: 4,Page: 743-755
Authors:  Yu, Chengyuan;  Zhao, Cecilia Guanfang
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Educational Policy  Higher Education  Master Of Translation And Interpreting  Policy Appropriation  
A “netnographic” study of test takers’ perceptions of China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters Presentation
会议地点: the 6th International Conference on Language Testing and Assessment/China Association for Language Testing and Assessment 2021 Conference, Shanghai, China/Online, 会议日期: 2021-10, 报告日期: 2021-10-01
Authors:  Yu, C.;  Zhao, Cecilia Guanfang
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Test Taker Perception  Test Impact