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The Wigner function of ground state and one-dimensional numerics Journal article
Journal of Computational Physics, 2022,Volume: 449
Authors:  Zhan, Hongfei;  Cai, Zhenning;  Hu, Guanghui
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Density Functional Theory  Ground State  Imaginary Time Propagation  Wigner Function  
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 2022,Volume: 44,Issue: 3,Page: B723-B745
Authors:  Gao, Bin;  Hu, Guanghui;  Kuang, Yang;  Liu, Xin
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all-electron calculations  density functional theory  orthogonalization-free  scalability  total energy minimization  
High Order Finite Difference Alternative WENO Scheme for Multi-component Flows Journal article
Journal of Scientific Computing, 2021,Volume: 89,Issue: 3
Authors:  Gu, Yaguang;  Gao, Zhen;  Hu, Guanghui;  Li, Peng;  Wang, Lifeng
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Alternative Weno Scheme  Five-equation Model  Multi-component Flows  Stiffened Gas Eos  
A novel stabilized Galerkin meshless method for steady incompressible Navier–Stokes equations Journal article
Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements, 2021,Volume: 133,Page: 95-106
Authors:  Hu, Guanghui;  Li, Ruo;  Zhang, Xiaohua
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Galerkin Meshless Method  Incompressible Navier–stokes Equations  Stabilized Method  Variational Multiscale Method  
A numerical study of the distribution of chemotherapeutic drug carmustine in brain glioblastoma Journal article
Drug Delivery and Translational Research, 2021
Authors:  Chen, Hongyu;  Hu, Guanghui;  Ouyang, Defang
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Afepack  Brain Tumor  Convection  Drug Release  Gliadel Wafer  Numerical Model  
A Robust High Order Alternative WENO Scheme for the Five-Equation Model Journal article
Journal of Scientific Computing, 2021,Volume: 88,Issue: 1
Authors:  Gu, Yaguang;  Gao, Zhen;  Hu, Guanghui;  Li, Peng;  Wang, Lifeng
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Alternative Weno Scheme  Bound- And Positivity-preserving Methods  Five-equation Model  Multi-component Flows  
A framework of the finite element solution of the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation on tetrahedral meshes Journal article
Journal of Computational Physics, 2021,Volume: 431
Authors:  Yang,Lei;  Chen,Jingrun;  Hu,Guanghui
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Demagnetization Field Calculation  Finite Element Method  Gradient Recovery  Implicit Midpoint Scheme  Landau-lifshitz-gilbert Equation  
An h-adaptive finite element solution of the relaxation non-equilibrium model for gravity-driven fingers Journal article
Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 2021,Volume: 13,Issue: 6,Page: 1418-1440
Authors:  Bian, Huanying;  Shen, Yedan;  Hu, Guanghui
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A posteriori error estimation  Fingering phenomenon  H-adaptive mesh method  Non-equilibrium Richard equation  Porous media flow  
Ring Expansion Leads to a More Potent Analogue of Ipomoeassin F Journal article
Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2020,Volume: 85,Issue: 24,Page: 16226-16235
Authors:  Zong,Guanghui;  Hu,Zhijian;  Duah,Kwabena Baffour;  Andrews,Lauren E.;  Zhou,Jianhong;  O'Keefe,Sarah;  Whisenhunt,Lucas;  Shim,Joong Sup;  Du,Yuchun;  High,Stephen;  Shi,Wei Q.
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On accurately resolving detonation dynamics by adaptive finite volume method on unstructured grids Journal article
Communications in Computational Physics, 2020,Volume: 29,Issue: 2,Page: 445-471
Authors:  Di,Yana;  Hu,Guanghui;  Li,Ruo;  Yang,Feng
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H-adaptive Methods  Reactive Euler Equations  Strang Splitting Scheme  Subsonic Outflow Boundary  Znd Model