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The Glocal Practice of Anthropomorphism: Storytelling Chinese Wild Animals for Young Readers Journal article
International Research in Children's Literature, 2024
Authors:  You, Chengcheng
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The Many Lives of the First Emperor of China Review Journal article
Journal of Asian Studies, 2023
Authors:  Zhang Y(張月)
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Literary Translation during the Chinese Cultural Revolution Journal article
Comparative Literature Studies, 2023
Authors:  Sun, Y.
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Cultural Revolution  Anonymous Translation  Internal Circulation  Private Translation  
Children’s Gothic in Chinese Context: The Untranslatability and Cross-Cultural Readability of a Literary Genre Journal article
CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture, 2023
Authors:  You, Chengcheng
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Repairing Repair: Postcolonial Paranoia, Affective Temporalities, and Reparative Reading Journal article
ARIEL: an international review of English literature, 2023
Authors:  DE CHAVEZ, Jeremy
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Seized by Sensation, Learning by Heart: On Simone Weil’s “Essay on the Notion of Reading” Journal article
Sophia: International Journal of Philosophy and Traditions, 2023
Authors:  DE CHAVEZ, Jeremy
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Anecdote, Network, Gossip, Performance: Essays on the Shishuo xinyu Review Journal article
Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture, 2022
Authors:  Zhang Y(張月)
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Neither write what I hear, nor speak as I write - longitudinal study on questions of graphic-phonia correspondence and orthographic competence of Chinese learners of PFL Journal article
Pensares em Revista, 2022,Volume: 26,Page: 190-206
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The Demon Child and His Modern Fate: Reconstructing the Nezha Myth in Animated Fabulation Journal article
animation: an interdisciplinary journal, 2022,Volume: 17,Issue: 3,Page: 286–301
Authors:  You, Chengcheng
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'The vampire hypothesis': from fingernails to ministering angels - the first Swedish debunker. Journal article
History of European Ideas, 2022,Volume: online,Issue: online,Page: 1-20
Authors:  Gibson, Matthew;  Shaw, Damian
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Vampires, Enlightenment, Sweden, Medicine, Lutheranism, Familiars