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Early-age properties of cementitious pastes made with seawater Journal article
Materials Today: Proceedings, 2022
Authors:  Parthasarathy, Pavithra;  Hanif, Asad;  Li, Zongjin
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Cement paste  Early-age properties  Hydration  Microstructure  Seawater  
Suitability of liquid crystal display (LCD) glass waste as supplementary cementing material (SCM): Assessment based on strength, porosity, and durability Journal article
Journal of Building Engineering, 2021,Volume: 42
Authors:  Yang, Hee Jun;  Usman, Muhammad;  Hanif, Asad
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Carbonation  Concrete  Durability  Freeze-thaw Resistance  Hydration Characteristics  Lcd  Porosity  Scm  Sulfate Attack  Waste Glass  
Effect of steel and concrete thickness on shear strength of square concrete filled double skin tubular beams Journal article
Case Studies in Construction Materials, 2021,Volume: 14
Authors:  Ullah, Najeeb;  Usman, Muhammad;  Farooq, Syed H.;  Ashraf, Wahab;  Hanif, Asad
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Concrete Filled Double Skin Tubular Members  Sandwiched Concrete  Shear Strength  Steel Thickness  
Investigation of the structural response of the mre-based mdof isolated structure under historic near- and far-fault earthquake loadings Journal article
Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 2021,Volume: 11,Issue: 6
Authors:  Tariq, Muhammad Ahsan;  Usman, Muhammad;  Farooq, Syed Hassan;  Ullah, Imran;  Hanif, Asad
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Magnetorheological Elastomer (Mre)  Near-fault Earthquakes  Smart Base Isolation  Structural Dynamics  
Durability of slag waste incorporated steel fiber-reinforced concrete in marine environment Journal article
Journal of Building Engineering, 2021,Volume: 33
Authors:  Kim, Seungwon;  kim, Yongjae;  Usman, Muhammad;  Park, Cheolwoo;  Hanif, Asad
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Durability  Ggbs  Service Life Prediction  Steel Fiber-reinforced Concrete  Sustainable Development  
Fly ash cenosphere: Characterization, processing, and properties Other
Authors:  Hanif, Asad;  Usman, Muhammad
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Cenosphere  Fly ash  Sustainable development  Waste reduction  Waste utilization  
Strength and hydration attributes of cement pastes containing nano titania and cenosphere Journal article
Advances in Cement Research, 2020,Volume: 32,Issue: 12,Page: 557-572
Authors:  Hanif,Asad;  Lu,Zeyu;  Parthasarathy,Pavithra;  Hou,Dongshuai;  Li,Zongjin;  Sun,Guoxing
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Compressive Strength  Fly Ash(Pfa)  Microstructure  
Recent progress in isotropic magnetorheological elastomers and their properties: A review Journal article
Polymers, 2020,Volume: 12,Issue: 12,Page: 1-35
Authors:  Hafeez, Muhammad Arslan;  Usman, Muhammad;  Umer, Malik Adeel;  Hanif, Asad
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Carbonyl Iron Particles  Construction And Medical Applications  Magneto-sensitive Smart Materials  Magnetorheological Elastomers (Mre)  Rheological Properties  
Material optimization of tuned liquid column ball damper (TLCBD) for the vibration control of multi-storey structure using various liquid and ball densities Journal article
Journal of Building Engineering, 2020,Volume: 32
Authors:  Tanveer, Muhammad;  Usman, Muhammad;  Khan, Imdad U.;  Farooq, Syed H.;  Hanif, Asad
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Multi-degree Of Freedom (mdOf)  Performance Optimization  Shake Table  Tuned Liquid Column Ball Damper (Tlcbd)  Tuned Liquid Column Damper (Tlcd)  Varying Densities  
Development and application of a novel low-cost capacitive sensor for accurate rebar position detection Journal article
Construction and Building Materials, 2020,Volume: 257
Authors:  Cheng,Yu;  Diao,Su;  Hanif,Asad;  Parthasarathy,Pavithra;  Li,Zongjin
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Capacitive Sensor  Concrete  Health Monitoring  Nondestructive Testing  Rebar Position Determination