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Selective Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth of WS2/MoS2 Vertical and Lateral Heterostructures on Gold Foils Journal article
Nanomaterials, 2022,Volume: 12,Issue: 10
Authors:  Wang, Zixuan;  Xu, Wenshuo;  Li, Benxuan;  Hao, Qiaoyan;  Wu, Di;  Qi, Dianyu;  Gan, Haibo;  Xie, Junpeng;  Hong, Guo;  Zhang, Wenjing
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2d Materials  Chemical Vapor Deposition  Heterostructures  Selective Growth  
Growth of centimeter-scale single crystal MoO3 ribbons for high performance ultraviolet photodetectors Journal article
Applied Physics Letters, 2021,Volume: 118,Issue: 24
Authors:  Wu, Di;  Qi, Dianyu;  Liu, Jidong;  Wang, Zixuan;  Hao, Qiaoyan;  Hong, Guo;  Liu, Fei;  Ouyang, Fangping;  Zhang, Wenjing
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