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A Mitochondria-Targeted Phenylbutyric Acid Prodrug Confers Drastically Improved Anticancer Activities Journal article
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2022,Volume: 65,Page: 9955-9973
Authors:  D. Huang;  Q. Liu;  M. Zhang;  Y. Gao;  Z. Cui;  T. Li;  D. Luo;  B. Xu;  C. Huang;  J. Guo;  K.Y. Tam;  M. Zhang;  S.L. Zhang;  Y. He
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Texture Synthesizability Assessment via Deep Siamese-Type Network Journal article
Security and Communication Networks, 2022,Page: 1-11
Authors:  Hao, C.;  Yang, Z. X.;  He, L.;  Wu, W.
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Texture Synthesizability Assessment  Deep Siamese-Type Network  
Digital Twin Empowered Mobile Edge Computing for Intelligent Vehicular Lane-Changing Journal article
IEEE Network, 2021,Volume: 35,Issue: 6,Page: 194-201
Authors:  B. Fan;  Yuan Wu;  Z. He;  Y. Chen;  T. Q.S. Quek;  C.-Z. Xu
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A Study to Improve the Compatibility of PCE with Cement Paste Containing Clay Journal article
materials letters, 2021,Page: 131111--
Authors:  He, D.;  Lu, Z.;  Liang, X.;  Liu, R.;  Sun, G.
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hexadecyl trimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB)  PCE  cement-based materials  fluidity  electrostatic adsorption  
Analysis of ground deformation induced by shield tunneling considering the effects of muck discharge and grouting Journal article
Transportation Geotechnics, 2021,Page: 100629-1-100629-10
Authors:  Ding, Z. ;  He, S. Y.;  Zhou, W. H.;  Xu, T.;  He, S. H. ;  Zhang, X
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Shield tunneling  Ground deformation  Construction parameters  Volume loss  Tail void grouting  
Close-loop recycling of perovskite solar cells through dissolution-recrystallization of perovskite by butylamine Journal article
Cell Reports Physical Science, 2021,Page: 100341-100341
Authors:  Feng, X.Y.;  Guo, Q.;  Xiu, J.;  Ying, Z;  Ng, K. W.;  Huang, L.M.;  Wang, S.P.;  Pan, H.;  Tang, Z.;  He, Z.B.
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Perovskite  Recycling  Solar Cells  Butylamine  
Crystalline and magnetic structures, magnetization, heat capacity, and anisotropic magnetostriction effect in a yttrium-chromium oxide Journal article
Physical Review Materials, 2020,Page: 094409-1-094409-11
Authors:  Zhu, Y.;  Fu, Y.;  Tu, B.;  Li, T.;  Miao, J.;  Zhao, Q.;  Wu, S.;  Xia, J.;  Zhou, P.;  Huq, A.;  Schmidt, W.;  Ouyang, D.;  Tang, Z.;  He, Z.;  Li, H.-F.
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Structures  Magnetization  Heat Capacity  Anisotropic Magnetostriction Effect  Yttrium-chromium Oxide  
Erratum: High-temperature magnetism and crystallography of a YCrO3 single crystal Journal article
Physical Review B, 2020,Page: 019901-1-019901-3
Authors:  Zhu, Y.;  Wu, S.;  Tu, B.;  Jin, S.;  Huq, A.;  Persson, J.;  Gao, H.;  Ouyang, D.;  He, Z.;  Yao, D.-X.;  Tang, Z.;  Li, H.-F.
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Magnetism  Crystallography  Ycro3  
Can machine learning predict drug nanocrystals? Journal article
Journal of Controlled Release, 2020,Page: 274-285
Authors:  He, Y.;  Ye, Z.;  Liu, X.;  Wei, Z.;  Qiu, F.;  Li, H.;  Zheng, Y.Y.;  Ouyang, D.
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Machine Learningnanocrystalsparticle Sizepolydispersity Index (Pdi)Prediction  
High-temperature magnetism and crystallography of a YCrO3 single crystal Journal article
Physical Review B, 2020,Page: 014114-1-014114-14
Authors:  Zhu, Y. H.;  Wu, S.;  Tu, B.;  Jin, S. J. ;  Huq, A.;  Persson, J.;  Gao, H. S.;  Ouyang, D.;  He, Z. B.;  Yao, D.-X.;  Tang, Z.;  Li, H.-F.
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magnetism  crystallography  YCrO3  single crystal