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Knowledge flow and boundary crossing at the periphery of a MNC Journal article
International Business Review, 2009,Volume: 18,Issue: 6,Page: 539
Authors:  Hong J.F.L.;  Snell R.S.;  Easterby-Smith M.
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Boundary crossing  Inter-organizational learning  Knowledge transfer  MNCs  Power  
Knowledge embeddedness and the transfer mechanisms in multinational corporations Journal article
Journal of World Business, 2009,Volume: 44,Issue: 4,Page: 347
Authors:  Hong J.F.L.;  Nguyen T.V.
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Japanese transplants  Knowledge embeddedness  Knowledge transfer mechanisms  Multinational corporations  
Conflicting identities and power between communities of practice: The case of IT outsourcing Journal article
Management Learning, 2009,Volume: 40,Issue: 3,Page: 311
Authors:  Hong J.F.L.;  Fiona K.H.
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Community of practice  Conflicts  Identity  Organizational learning  Power  
Cross-cultural influences on organizational learning in MNCS: The case of Japanese companies in China Journal article
Journal of International Management, 2006,Volume: 12,Issue: 4,Page: 408
Authors:  Hong J.F.L.;  Snell R.S.;  Easterby-Smith M.
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Cross-cultural influence  Organizational learning  Social construction  
Transferring organizational learning systems to Japanese subsidiaries in China Journal article
Journal of Management Studies, 2006,Volume: 43,Issue: 5,Page: 1027
Authors:  Hong J.F.L.;  Easterby-Smith M.;  Snell R.S.
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