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A two-scale manifold learning method for spatiotemporal modeling of lithium-ion battery thermal process Journal article
Nonlinear Dynamics, 2022
Authors:  Xu, Kang Kang;  Yang, Hai Dong;  Yin, Si Hua;  Zhu, Cheng Jiu;  Fan, Bi;  Hu, Luoke
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Galerkin’s Method  Lithium-ion Battery Thermal Process  Spatiotemporal Modeling  Time/space Separation  Two-scale Manifold Learning  
Energy Optimisation For End Face Turning With Variable Material Removal Rate Considering the Spindle Speed Changes Journal article
International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing - Green Technology, 2021,Volume: 8,Issue: 2,Page: 625-638
Authors:  Hu, Luoke;  Cai, Wei;  Shu, Lianjie;  Xu, Kangkang;  Zheng, Hao;  Jia, Shun
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Cutting Parameters Optimisation  End Face Turning  Machine Tool Energy  Simulated Annealing  Spindle Speed Change  Variable Cutting Rate  
An investigation into the method of energy monitoring and reduction for machining systems Journal article
Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 2020,Volume: 57,Page: 390-399
Authors:  Hu, Luoke;  Zheng, Hao;  Shu, Lianjie;  Jia, Shun;  Cai, Wei;  Xu, Kangkang
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Energy Efficiency  Energy Monitoring  Energy Simulation  Five-dimension Model  Machining Systems  Sustainable Manufacturing  
An Internet of Things-enabled model-based approach to improving the energy efficiency of aluminum die casting processes Journal article
Energy, 2020,Volume: 202
Authors:  Liu, Weipeng;  Peng, Tao;  Tang, Renzhong;  Umeda, Yasushi;  Hu, Luoke
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Aluminum Die Casting  Energy Efficiency  Internet Of Things  Online Control  Parameter Optimization  
Finite Gaussian Mixture Model Based Multimodeling for Nonlinear Distributed Parameter Systems Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 2020,Volume: 16,Issue: 3,Page: 1754-1763
Authors:  Xu, Kangkang;  Yang, Haidong;  Zhu, Chengjiu;  Hu, Luoke
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Distributed parameter systems (DPSs)  finite Gaussian mixture model (FGMM)  multiple spatiotemporal modeling  principle component regression (PCR)  Rademacher complexity  
Energy performance certification in mechanical manufacturing industry: A review and analysis Journal article
Energy Conversion and Management, 2019,Volume: 186,Page: 415-432
Authors:  Cai, Wei;  Liu, Conghu;  Lai, Kee hung;  Li, Li;  Cunha, Jorge;  Hu, Luoke
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Certification  Energy Benchmarking  Energy Labelling  Energy Performance  Energy Rating  Mechanical Manufacturing Industry