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Multi-scale contextual semantic enhancement network for 3D medical image segmentation Journal article
Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2022,Volume: 67,Issue: 22
Authors:  Xia, Tingjian;  Huang, Guoheng;  Pun, Chi Man;  Zhang, Weiwen;  Li, Jiajian;  Ling, Wing Kuen;  Lin, Chao;  Yang, Qi
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3d Medical Image Segmentation  Class Imbalance  Feature Enhancement  Liver Tumor  Multi-scale Context  Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma  
Structural mechanisms for the activation of human cardiac KCNQ1 channel by electro-mechanical coupling enhancers Journal article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2022,Volume: 119,Issue: 45
Authors:  Ma, Demin;  Zhong, Ling;  Yan, Zhenzhen;  Yao, Jing;  Zhang, Yan;  Ye, Fan;  Huang, Yuan;  Lai, Dongwu;  Yang, Wei;  Hou, Panpan;  Guo, Jiangtao
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E-M coupling  KCNQ1  ML277  PIP2  
Dietary Patterns and Nutrient Intake in University Students of Macao: A Cross-Sectional Study Journal article
Nutrients, 2022,Volume: 14,Issue: 17
Authors:  Tao, Xiaoyu;  Shao, Ying;  Xu, Donghan;  Huang, Yunzhi;  Yu, Xi;  Zhong, Tian;  Wang, Ling;  Chung, Sookja Kim;  Chen, Dong;  Yu, Lili;  Xiao, Ying
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cross-sectional study  dietary pattern  nutrient intake  university students  
HDAC4 promotes the growth and metastasis of gastric cancer via autophagic degradation of MEKK3 Journal article
British Journal of Cancer, 2022,Volume: 127,Issue: 2,Page: 237-248
Authors:  Zang, Wei Jie;  Hu, Yi Lin;  Qian, Chen Yu;  Feng, Ying;  Liu, Jia Zhou;  Yang, Jun Ling;  Huang, Hua;  Zhu, Yi Zhun;  Xue, Wan Jiang
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Schizophrenia and Inflammation Research: A Bibliometric Analysis Journal article
Frontiers in Immunology, 2022,Volume: 13
Authors:  Sun, He Li;  Bai, Wei;  Li, Xiao Hong;  Huang, Huanhuan;  Cui, Xi Ling;  Cheung, Teris;  Su, Zhao Hui;  Yuan, Zhen;  Ng, Chee H.;  Xiang, Yu Tao
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Bibliometrics  Hotspots  Inflammation  Schizophrenia  Vosviewer  
Enhancement of room-temperature magnetization in GaFeO3-type single crystals by Al and Sc doping Journal article
AIP Advances, 2022,Volume: 12,Issue: 6
Authors:  Wang, Ling;  Katayama, Tsukasa;  Wang, Chaoyue;  Li, Qin;  Shi, Yun;  Fang, Yuqiang;  Huang, Fuqiang;  Zhu, Yinghao;  Li, Hai Feng;  Yasui, Shintaro;  Huang, Xintang;  Yu, Jianding
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Bi-deformation-UNet: recombination of differential channels for printed surface defect detection Journal article
Visual Computer, 2022
Authors:  Chen, Ziyang;  Huang, Guoheng;  Wang, Ying;  Qiu, Junhao;  Yang, Fan;  Yu, Zhiwen;  Pun, Chi Man;  Ling, Wing Kuen
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Class-imbalance  Edge Detection  Metric Learning  Object Detection  Subtle Defects  
Shift-channel attention and weighted-region loss function for liver and dense tumor segmentation Journal article
Medical Physics, 2022
Authors:  Li, Jiajian;  Huang, Guoheng;  He, Junlin;  Chen, Ziyang;  Pun, Chi Man;  Yu, Zhiwen;  Ling, Wing Kuen;  Liu, Lizhi;  Zhou, Jian;  Huang, Jinhua
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Class Imbalance Learning  Multiscale Contextual Information  Shift-channel Attention  Weighted-region Loss Function  
Video person re-identification using key frame screening with index and feature reorganization based on inter-frame relation Journal article
International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics, 2022,Volume: 13,Issue: 9,Page: 2745-2761
Authors:  Lu, Zeng;  Zhang, Ganghan;  Huang, Guoheng;  Yu, Zhiwen;  Pun, Chi Man;  Zhang, Weiwen;  Chen, Junan;  Ling, Wing Kuen
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Feature Reconstruction  Key-frame Extraction  Relation Between Frames  Temporal Modeling  Video-based Person Re-identification  
MIVCN: Multimodal interaction video captioning network based on semantic association graph Journal article
Applied Intelligence, 2022,Volume: 52,Issue: 5,Page: 5241-5260
Authors:  Wang, Ying;  Huang, Guoheng;  Yuming, Lin;  Yuan, Haoliang;  Pun, Chi Man;  Ling, Wing Kuen;  Cheng, Lianglun
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Attention Mechanism  Gated Recurrent Unit  Graph Convolutional Network  Long-short Term Memory  Multimodal Fusion  Video Captioning