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Simultaneous quantification six active compounds in rat plasma by UPLC–MS/MS and its application to a pharmacokinetic study of Pien-Tze- Huang Journal article
Journal of Chromatography B, 2017,Page: 314-321
Authors:  Xu, W;  Zhang, YP;  Zhou, CJ;  Tai, YN;  Zhang, XQ;  Liu, J;  Sha, M;  Huang, MQ;  Zhu, YL;  Peng, J;  Lu, J.
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Pian-Tze-Huang  UPLC–MS/MS  Ginsenosides  Muscone  Pharmacokinetics  
Identification and quantification of the anti-inflammatoryconstituents in Pian-Tze-Huang by liquid chromatography combinedwith quadrupole time-of-flight and triple quadrupole assspectrometry Journal article
Journal of Chromatography B, 2016,Page: 27-39
Authors:  Huang, MQ;  Xu, W;  Zhang, YP;  Liu, J;  Zhang, XQ;  Lin, J;  Peng, J;  Lu, J.
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Pian-Tze-Huang  Identification and quantification  Quality control  Mass spectrometry  Anti-inflammatory activity  
Alisol B 23-acetate induces apoptosis and G1 phase arrest, and inhibits migration and invasion on ovarian cancer cells Conference paper
The 4th Guangzhou international Symposium on Oncology
Authors:  Zhang, LL;  Tang, ZH;  Xu, XH;  Chen, X;  Li, T;  Ding, CY;  Chen, X. P.;  Wang, Y. T.;  Huang, MQ;  Lu, J.
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Ovarian cancer  alisol B 23-acetate  apoptosis  migration  invasion  autophagy  
Terpenoids: natural products for cancer therapy Journal article
EXPERT OPINION ON INVESTIGATIONAL DRUGS, 2012,Volume: 21,Issue: 12,Page: 1801-1818
Authors:  Huang, M (Huang, Min);  Lu, JJ (Lu, Jin-Jian);  Huang, MQ (Huang, Ming-Qing);  Bao, JL (Bao, Jiao-Lin);  Chen, XP (Chen, Xiu-Ping);  Wang, YT (Wang, Yi-Tao)
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Nf-kappa-b  Cells In-vitro  Human Breast-cancer  Pseudolaric-acid-b  Dihydroartemisinin Induces Apoptosis  Fibrosarcoma L929 Cells  Hypoxia-inducible Factor-1-alpha  Hepatocellular-carcinoma Cells  Lycopene Inhibits Angiogenesis  Oridonin-induced Apoptosis  
Biological activities and potential molecular targets of cucurbitacins: a focus on cancer Journal article
ANTI-CANCER DRUGS, 2012,Volume: 23,Issue: 8,Page: 777-787
Authors:  Chen, XP (Chen, Xiuping);  Bao, JL (Bao, Jiaolin);  Guo, JJ (Guo, Jiajie);  Ding, Q (Ding, Qian);  Lu, JJ (Lu, Jinjian);  Huang, MQ (Huang, Mingqing);  Wang, YT (Wang, Yitao)
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Ros  Cell-cycle Arrest  Cancer  Chinese Medicine  
Biological activities and potential molecular targets of cucurbitacins: a focus on cancer. Journal article
Anticancer Drugs, 2012,Page: 777-787
Authors:  Chen, X. P.;  Bao, JL;  Guo, JJ;  Ding, Q;  Lu, JJ;  Huang, MQ;  Wang, YT
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Actin  Anticancer  Cucurbitacins  Cyclooxygenase-2  
基於GLUT4轉位的中藥改善胰島素抵抗作用研究進展 Journal article
中華中醫藥雜誌, 2012,Page: 343-346
Authors:  Huang, MQ;  Lu, JJ;  Chen, XP;  Wang, YT
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GLuT4转位  胰岛素抵抗  中药  活性成分  
表達蛋白質組學在抗腫瘤藥物研發中的應用 Journal article
中國新藥雜誌, 2011,Page: 43-47
Authors:  Lu, J.;  Huang, MQ;  Chen, X. P.;  Wang, Y. T.
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expression proteomics  anti-cancer  drug research and development  network pharmacology  
二氫青蒿素抗腫瘤作用及其機制研究進展 Journal article
中國藥理學與毒理學雜誌, 2011,Page: 397-401
Authors:  Lu, J.;  Huang, MQ;  Chen, X. P.;  Wang, Y. T.
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dihydroartemisinin  antineoplastic agents  cell proliferation  neoangiogenesis  tumor metastasis  
Regulation of human pregnane X receptor and its target gene cytochrome P450 3A4 by Chinese herbal compounds and a molecular docking study Journal article
XENOBIOTICA, 2011,Volume: 41,Issue: 4,Page: 259-280
Authors:  Liu, YH (Liu, Ya-He);  Mo, SL (Mo, Sui-Lin);  Bi, HC (Bi, Hui-Chang);  Hu, BF (Hu, Bing-Fang);  Li, CG (Li, Chun Guang);  Wang, YT (Wang, Yi-Tao);  Huang, L (Huang, Ling);  Huang, M (Huang, Min);  Duan, W (Duan, Wei);  Liu, JP (Liu, Jun-Ping);  Wei, MQ (Wei, Ming Qian);  Zhou, SF (Zhou, Shu-Feng)
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Constitutive Androstane Receptor  Primary Human Hepatocytes  Corepressor Silencing-mediator  Hepatoma-cell Lines  Human Cyp3a4 Gene  Nuclear Receptor  Drug-metabolism  Transcriptional Activation  Xenobiotic Receptor  Interindividual Variability