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Analysis and Design of Three-Coil Coupler for Inductive Power Transfer System With Automatic Seamless CC-to-CV Charging Capability Journal article
IEEE Access, 2022,Volume: 10,Page: 10139-10148
Authors:  Xu, Hai;  Huang, Zhenwei;  Yang, Yang;  Huang, Zhicong;  Iam, Io Wa;  Lam, Chi Seng
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Batteries  Coils  Couplers  Optimization  Receivers  Rectifiers  Transmitters  
Exosomes derived from normal human bronchial epithelial cells down-regulate proliferation and migration of hydroquinone-transformed malignant recipient cells via up-regulating PTEN expression Journal article
Chemosphere, 2020,Volume: 244
Authors:  Lian,Zhenwei;  Hu,Zuqing;  Xian,Hongyi;  Jiang,Ran;  Huang,Haoyu;  Jiang,Yunxia;  Zheng,Zhongdaixi;  Lloyd,R. Stephen;  Yuan,Jianhui;  Sha,Yan;  Wang,Sanming;  Hu,Dalin
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Benzene  Exosomes  Migration  Proliferation  Pten  Toxicity  
Exosomal miR-221 derived from hydroquinone-transformed malignant human bronchial epithelial cells is involved in cell viability of recipient cells Journal article
Journal of Applied Toxicology, 2020,Volume: 40,Issue: 2,Page: 224-233
Authors:  Jiang,Ran;  Huang,Haoyu;  Lian,Zhenwei;  Hu,Zuqing;  Lloyd,R. Stephen;  Fang,Daokui;  Li,Yanfeng;  Xian,Hongyi;  Yuan,Jianhui;  Sha,Yan;  Wang,Sanming;  Hu,Dalin
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Benzene  Cell Viability  Exosomes  Intercellular Communications  Mir-221  Toxic Mechanism