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The Effect of Social Exclusion on Trust Among Youth Orphaned by HIV/AIDS: Evidence From an Event-Related Potentials Study Journal article
Frontiers in Psychiatry, 2022,Volume: 13
Authors:  Wan, Jiaojiao;  Zhao, Qi;  Zhang, Yafei;  Ji, Lili;  Zhao, Junfeng;  Qiao, Shan;  Li, Xiaoming
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Erp  Frn  P300  Social Exclusion  Trust  Youth Orphaned By Hiv/aids  
Event-Related Brain Potential Correlates of Event-Based Prospective Memory in Children With Learning Disability Journal article
Frontiers in Psychiatry, 2022,Volume: 13
Authors:  Ji, Lili;  Zhao, Qi;  Zhang, Yafei;  Wan, Jiaojiao;  Yu, Yifan;  Zhao, Junfeng;  Li, Xiaoming
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Children With Learning Disability  Event-based Prospective Memory  Event-related Potentials  N300  Prospective Positivity  
Cancer cells escape p53’s tumor suppression through ablation of ZDHHC1-mediated p53 palmitoylation Journal article
Oncogene, 2021,Volume: 40,Issue: 35,Page: 5416-5426
Authors:  Tang, Jun;  Peng, Weiyan;  Feng, Yixiao;  Le, Xin;  Wang, Kang;  Xiang, Qin;  Li, Lili;  Wang, Yan;  Xu, Can;  Mu, Junhao;  Xu, Ke;  Ji, Ping;  Tao, Qian;  Huang, Ailong;  Deng, Chu Xia;  Lin, Yong;  Xiang, Tingxiu
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Effect of Executive Function on Event-Based Prospective Memory for Different Forms of Learning Disabilities Journal article
Frontiers in Psychology, 2021,Volume: 12
Authors:  Ji, Lili;  Zhao, Qi;  Gu, Huang;  Chen, Yanan;  Zhao, Junfeng;  Jiang, Xiaowei;  Wu, Lina
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Event-based Prospective Memory  Executive Function  Inhibition  Learning Disabilities (Lds)  Shifting  Updating  
Working memory impairment in children orphaned by parental HIV/AIDS: An event-related potentials study Journal article
Psychology, Health and Medicine, 2021
Authors:  Zhao, Junfeng;  Ji, Lili;  Du, Shunshun;  Gu, Huang;  Zhao, Qi;  Chi, Peilian;  Li, Xiaoming
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Children Orphaned By Parental Hiv/aids  China  Event-related Potentials  Time-frequency Analysis  Working Memory  
EEG oscillation evidences of altered resting-state brain activity in children orphaned by parental HIV/AIDS Journal article
AIDS Care - Psychological and Socio-Medical Aspects of AIDS/HIV, 2020,Volume: 32,Issue: s2,Page: 177-182
Authors:  Gu,Huang;  Zhao,Qi;  Liu,Jiaxi;  Zhao,Junfeng;  Ji,Lili;  Chi,Peilian;  Li,Xiaoming
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Children Orphaned By Hiv/ Aids  Resting-state  Eeg  China  Brain Activity