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Obesity, diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and metabolic dysfunction associated fatty liver disease are proinflammatory hypercoagulable states associated with severe disease and thrombosis in Covid-19 Other
Authors:  Ji, Dong;  Zhang, Mingjie;  Qin, Enqiang;  Zhang, Lunqing;  Xu, Jing;  Wang, Yudong;  Cheng, Gregory;  Wang, Feng;  Lau, George
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Covid-19  Deep Vein Thrombosis  Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease  
The Effect of Event Supportive Service Environment and Authenticity in the Quality-Value-Satisfaction Framework Journal article
JOURNAL OF HOSPITALITY & TOURISM RESEARCH, 2018,Volume: 42,Issue: 4,Page: 563-586
Authors:  Wong, IpKin Anthony;  Ji, Mingjie;  Liu, Matthew Tingchi
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Festival  Service Environment  Authenticity  Program Quality  Perceived Value  Customer Satisfaction  
The Effect of Event Supportive Service Environment and Authenticity in the Quality–Value–Satisfaction Framework Journal article
Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, 2018,Volume: 42,Issue: 4,Page: 563-586
Authors:  Wong,Ip Kin Anthony;  Ji,Mingjie;  Liu,Matthew Tingchi
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authenticity  customer satisfaction  festival  perceived value  program quality  service environment