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A Dual-Stator HTS Modular Linear Vernier Motor for Long Stroke Applications Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 2022,Volume: 32,Issue: 6
Authors:  Shi, Yujun;  Ching, T. W.;  Zhong, Junwen;  Jian, Linni
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Air Gaps  Copper  Force  Force Density  Force Ripple  High-temperature Superconductors  Hts  Linear Motor  Modular  Stators  Synchronous Motors  Vernier Motor  Windings  
Quantitative Identification of Airgap Flux Density Harmonics Contributing to Back EMF in Dual-Permanent-Magnet-Excited Machine Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 2022,Volume: 58,Issue: 2
Authors:  Shi, Yujun;  Jian, Linni;  Ching, T. W.
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Analytical  Back Electromotive Force (Emf)  Dual-permanent-magnet-excited (Dpme)  Identification  
Comparative Analysis of Two Typical Field Modulated Permanent-Magnet Machines 两种典型的场调制型永磁电机的对比分析 Journal article
Diangong Jishu Xuebao/Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society, 2021,Volume: 36,Issue: 1,Page: 120-130
Authors:  Shi, Yujun;  Cheng, Zihuo;  Jian, Linni
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Field Modulated  Permanent Magnet Machine  Torque Density  Vernier Machine  
Quantitative Analysis of Back-EMF of a Dual-Permanent-Magnet-Excited Machine: Alert to Flux Density Harmonics Which Make a Negative Contribution to Back-EMF Journal article
IEEE Access, 2021,Volume: 9,Page: 94064-94077
Authors:  Shi, Yujun;  Zhong, Junwen;  Jian, Linni
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Analytical Method  Back-emf  Field Modulated  Pm Machine  Vernier Machine  
Design and Analysis of a Magnetless Linear Variable Reluctance Motor with Modular Mover Units for Electric Propulsion Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 2020,Volume: 30,Issue: 4
Authors:  Ching, T. W.;  Shi, Yujun;  Li, Wenlong;  Jian, Linni
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Force Ripple  Hts  Linear Machine  Modular  Reluctance Machine  
Finite-control-set model predictive flux-linkage control without weighting factor for dual-permanent-magnet-excited motor drives Conference paper
2019 IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference, VPPC 2019 - Proceedings
Authors:  Shi, Yujun;  Ching, T. W.;  Shao, Ziyun;  Jian, Linni
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Electric drive  Field modulated  Permanent-magnet machine  Predictive control  Torque density  Vernier machine  
Quantitative Comparison of Two Typical Field-Modulated Permanent Magnet Machines: Unidirectional Field Modulation Effect versus Bidirectional Field Modulation Effect Conference paper
2019 22nd International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems, ICEMS 2019
Authors:  Jian, Linni;  Shi, Yujun;  Ching, Tze Wood
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direct-drive  field modulated  magnetic gearing effect  permanent magnet machine  vernier machine  
A New Dual-Permanent-Magnet-Excited Motor with Hybrid Stator Configuration for Direct-Drive Applications Conference paper
2019 22nd International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems, ICEMS 2019
Authors:  Shi, Yujun;  Ching, Tze Wood;  Jian, Linni;  Li, Wenlong
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direct-drive  field modulation  magnetic gearing effect  permanent magnet vernier machine  torque density  
Design and analysis of a direct-drive wind power generator with ultra-high torque density Journal article
Journal of Applied Physics, 2015,Volume: 117,Issue: 17
Authors:  Linni Jian;  Yujun Shi;  Jin Wei;  Yanchong Zheng
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