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Semantic-Powered Explainable Model-Free Few-Shot Learning Scheme of Diagnosing COVID-19 on Chest X-Ray Journal article
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 2022,Volume: 26,Issue: 12,Page: 5870-5882
Authors:  Wang, Yihang;  Jiang, Chunjuan;  Wu, Youqing;  Lv, Tianxu;  Sun, Heng;  Liu, Yuan;  Li, Lihua;  Pan, Xiang
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Chest X-ray  Covid-19  explainable AI  few-shot learning  semantic-powered  
Characterization of deglycosylated metabolites of platycosides reveals their biotransformation after oral administration Journal article
Food Chemistry, 2022,Volume: 393
Authors:  Yau, Lee Fong;  Huang, Hao;  Tong, Tian Tian;  Bai, Long Bo;  Zhu, Guo Yuan;  Hou, Yuanyuan;  Bai, Gang;  Jiang, Zhi Hong
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3-O-β-D-glucopyranosyl platycosides  Alkaline hydrolysis  Deglycosylated metabolites  Functional foods  Platycodon grandiflorus  
Artesunate promoted anti-tumor immunity and overcame EGFR-TKI resistance in non-small-cell lung cancer by enhancing oncogenic TAZ degradation Journal article
Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy, 2022,Volume: 155
Authors:  Cao, Dai;  Chen, Die;  Xia, Jiang Nan;  Wang, Wen Yan;  Zhu, Guo Yuan;  Chen, Li Wen;  Zhang, Chuantao;  Tan, Bo;  Li, Hui;  Li, Ying Wei
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Anti-tumor immunity  Artesunate  EGFR-TKI resistance  Non-small-cell lung cancer  PD-L1  TAZ  
Chlorfortunones A and B, Two Sesquiterpenoid Dimers, Possessing Dispiro[4,2,5,2]pentadecane-6,10,14-tren Moiety from Chloranthus fortunei Journal article
ACS Omega, 2022,Volume: 7,Issue: 39,Page: 35063-35068
Authors:  Wu, Xu Jia;  Cao, Dai;  Chen, Fei Long;  Shen, Rong Sheng;  Gao, Jin;  Bai, Li Ping;  Zhang, Wei;  Jiang, Zhi Hong;  Zhu, Guo Yuan
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Npac Is A Co-factor of Histone H3K36me3 and Regulates Transcriptional Elongation in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Journal article
Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics, 2022,Volume: 20,Issue: 1,Page: 110-128
Authors:  Yu, Sue;  Li, Jia;  Ji, Guanxu;  Ng, Zhen Long;  Siew, Jiamin;  Lo, Wan Ning;  Ye, Ying;  Chew, Yuan Yuan;  Long, Yun Chau;  Zhang, Wensheng;  Guccione, Ernesto;  Loh, Yuin Han;  Jiang, Zhi Hong;  Yang, Henry;  Wu, Qiang
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Histone H3k36me3  Npac  Pluripotency  Reprogramming  Transcriptional Elongation  
Integrated network pharmacology analysis, molecular docking, LC-MS analysis and bioassays revealed the potential active ingredients and underlying mechanism of Scutellariae radix for COVID-19 Journal article
Frontiers in Plant Science, 2022,Volume: 13
Authors:  Liu, Jiazheng;  Meng, Jieru;  Li, Runfeng;  Jiang, Haiming;  Fu, Lu;  Xu, Ting;  Zhu, Guo Yuan;  Zhang, Wei;  Gao, Jin;  Jiang, Zhi Hong;  Yang, Zi Feng;  Bai, Li Ping
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anti-infective  anti-inflammatory  COVID-19  LC-MS analysis  network pharmacology  Scutellariae radix  
2D NMR-based MatchNat Dereplication Strategy Enables Explosive Discovery of Novel Diterpenoid Alkaloids† Journal article
Chinese Journal of Chemistry, 2022,Volume: 40,Issue: 18,Page: 2169-2178
Authors:  Yin, Tian Peng;  Yu, Yi;  Liu, Qing Hua;  Zhou, Ming Yue;  Zhu, Guo Yuan;  Bai, Li Ping;  Zhang, Wei;  Jiang, Zhi Hong
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Aconitum  Alkaloids  Dereplication  Natural products  NMR spectroscopy  
Glutathione peroxidase 8 expression on cancer cells and cancer-associated fibroblasts facilitates lung cancer metastasis Journal article
MedComm, 2022,Volume: 3,Issue: 3
Authors:  Xu, Yu Lian;  Yuan, Luo Wei;  Jiang, Xiao Ming;  Su, Min Xia;  Huang, Mu Yang;  Chen, Yu Chi;  Zhang, Le Le;  Chen, Xiuping;  Zhu, Hong;  Lu, Jin Jian
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Caf  Focal Adhesion  Gpx8  Lung Cancer  Metastasis  
Structures, biomimetic synthesis, and anti-SARS-CoV-2 activity of two pairs of enantiomeric phenylpropanoid-conjugated protoberberine alkaloids from the rhizomes of Corydalis decumbens Journal article
Archives of Pharmacal Research, 2022,Volume: 45,Issue: 9,Page: 631-643
Authors:  Lu, Jing Guang;  Wang, Yingwei;  Yang, Ming Rong;  Wang, Cai Yun;  Meng, Jieru;  Liu, Jiazheng;  Yang, Zifeng;  Wu, Kongsong;  Bai, Li Ping;  Zhu, Guo Yuan;  Jiang, Zhi Hong
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Anti-SARS-CoV-2  Biomimetic synthesis  Corydalis decumbens  COVID-19  Isoquinoline alkaloid  
Cryptolepine suppresses breast adenocarcinoma via inhibition of HIF-1 mediated glycolysis Journal article
Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy, 2022,Volume: 153
Authors:  Zheng, Zhiyuan;  Xu, Ting;  Liu, Zhiyan;  Tian, Wenyue;  Jiang, Zhi Hong;  Zhu, Guo Yuan;  Li, Ting;  Gao, Jin;  Bai, Li Ping
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Breast cancer  Cryptolepine (CLP)  Glycolysis  Hypoxia inducible factor-1 (HIF-1)