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Cucurbituril-Based Supramolecular Polymers for Biomedical Applications Journal article
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2022,Volume: 61,Issue: 38,Page: e202206763
Authors:  Ziyi Wang;  Chen Sun;  Kuikun Yang;  Xiaoyuan Chen;  Ruibing Wang
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Biomedical Applications  Cucurbituril  Host-guest Interactions  Supramolecular Polymers  
Supramolecular Vesicles Based on Gold Nanorods for Precise Control of Gene Therapy and Deferred Photothermal Therapy Journal article
CCS Chemistry, 2022,Volume: 4,Issue: 5,Page: 1745-1757
Authors:  Yue, Ludan;  Yang, Kuikun;  Wei, Jianwen;  Xu, Mengze;  Sun, Chen;  Ding, Yuanfu;  Yuan, Zhen;  Wang, Shu;  Wang, Ruibing
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Host-guest Chemistry  Inducible Gene Therapy  Photothermal Therapy  Self-assembly  Supramolecular Vesicles  
Enhanced antibacterial function of a supramolecular artificial receptor-modified macrophage (SAR-Macrophage) Journal article
Materials horizons, 2022,Volume: 9,Issue: 3,Page: 934-941
Authors:  Cheng, Qian;  Xu, Meng;  Sun, Chen;  Yang, Kuikun;  Yang, Zhiqing;  Li, Junyan;  Zheng, Jun;  Zheng, Ying;  Wang, Ruibing
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Metal-free bioorthogonal click chemistry in cancer theranostics Journal article
Chemical Society reviews, 2022,Volume: 51,Issue: 4,Page: 1336-1376
Authors:  Wu, Dan;  Yang, Kuikun;  Zhang, Zhankui;  Feng, Yunxuan;  Rao, Lang;  Chen, Xiaoyuan;  Yu, Guocan
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Polyprodrug Nanomedicines: An Emerging Paradigm for Cancer Therapy Journal article
Advanced Materials, 2022,Volume: 34,Issue: 6
Authors:  Yang, Kuikun;  Yang, Zhiqing;  Yu, Guocan;  Nie, Zhihong;  Wang, Ruibing;  Chen, Xiaoyuan
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Cancer Therapy  Drug Delivery  Nanomedicine  Polyprodrug  Self-assembly  
Polyamine-Responsive Morphological Transformation of a Supramolecular Peptide for Specific Drug Accumulation and Retention in Cancer Cells Journal article
Small, 2021,Volume: 17,Issue: 43
Authors:  Sun, Chen;  Wang, Ziyi;  Yang, Kuikun;  Yue, Ludan;  Cheng, Qian;  Ma, Yan long;  Lu, Siyu;  Chen, Guosong;  Wang, Ruibing
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Cucurbituril  Morphology Transformation  Polyamine-responsive  Self-assembly  Supramolecular-peptide  
Self-Propelled Asymmetrical Nanomotor for Self-Reported Gas Therapy Journal article
Small, 2021,Volume: 17,Issue: 34
Authors:  Yue, Ludan;  Yang, Kuikun;  Li, Junyan;  Cheng, Qian;  Wang, Ruibing
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Gas Therapy  Nanomotors  Prodrugs  Responsive Release  Self-reporting  
Supramolecular Polymerization-Induced Nanoassemblies for Self-Augmented Cascade Chemotherapy and Chemodynamic Therapy of Tumor Journal article
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 2021,Volume: 60,Issue: 32,Page: 17570-17578
Authors:  Yang, Kuikun;  Yu, Guocan;  Yang, Zhiqing;  Yue, Ludan;  Zhang, Xiangjun;  Sun, Chen;  Wei, Jianwen;  Rao, Lang;  Chen, Xiaoyuan;  Wang, Ruibing
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Drug Delivery  Self-amplified Dissociation  Self-assembly  Supramolecular Polymerization  Synergistic Chemo/chemodynamic Therapy  
A hypoxia responsive nanoassembly for tumor specific oxygenation and enhanced sonodynamic therapy Journal article
Biomaterials, 2021,Volume: 275
Authors:  Yang, Kuikun;  Yue, Ludan;  Yu, Guocan;  Rao, Lang;  Tian, Rui;  Wei, Jianwen;  Yang, Zhiqing;  Sun, Chen;  Zhang, Xiangjun;  Xu, Mengze;  Yuan, Zhen;  Chen, Xiaoyuan;  Wang, Ruibing
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Hypoxia-responsive  Self-assembly  Sonodynamic Therapy  Tumor Oxygenation  
Supramolecular nanovesicles for synergistic glucose starvation and hypoxia-activated gene therapy of cancer Journal article
Nanoscale, 2021,Volume: 13,Issue: 21,Page: 9570-9576
Authors:  Yue, Ludan;  Sun, Tianlei;  Yang, Kuikun;  Cheng, Qian;  Li, Junyan;  Pan, Yue;  Wang, Shu;  Wang, Ruibing
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