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Toxic Peptide From Palythoa caribaeorum Acting on the TRPV1 Channel Prevents Pentylenetetrazol-Induced Epilepsy in Zebrafish Larvae Journal article
Frontiers in Pharmacology, 2021,Volume: 12
Authors:  Wang, Xiufen;  Liao, Qiwen;  Chen, Hanbin;  Gong, Guiyi;  Siu, Shirley Weng In;  Chen, Qian;  Kam, Hiotong;  Ung, Carolina Oi Lam;  Cheung, Kwok Kuen;  Rádis-Baptista, Gandhi;  Wong, Clarence Tsun Ting;  Lee, Simon Ming Yuen
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Anti-epilepsy  Pcactx Peptide  Transcriptomics Analysis  Trpv1 Channel  Zebrafish  Zoantharian  
A comparative investigation of the interaction and pharmacokinetics of hemoglobin with berberine and its oxymetabolite Journal article
Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 2021,Volume: 199
Authors:  Chen, Han Bin;  Luo, Chao Dan;  Ai, Gao Xiang;  Wang, Yong Fu;  Li, Cai Lan;  Tan, Li Hua;  Lee, Simon Ming Yuen;  Cheung, Alex Kwok Kuen;  Su, Zi Ren;  Wu, Xiao Li;  Xie, Jian Hui;  Zeng, Hui Fang
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Berberine  Hemoglobin  Interaction  Metabolite  Pharmacokinetics  
Students’ frequent exposure to bullying: comparing between low-achieving students of Macao and Taiwan in PISA 2015 well-being study Journal article
Educational Psychology, 2021,Volume: 41,Issue: 3,Page: 302-319
Authors:  Sit, Pou seong;  Cheung, Kwok cheung;  Ieong, Man kai;  Mak, Soi kei
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Bullying  disciplinary climate  PISA  sense of school belonging  teacher unfairness  
Predictors of academic efficacy and dropout intention in university students: Can engagement suppress burnout? Journal article
PLoS ONE, 2020,Volume: 15,Issue: 10 October
Authors:  Marôco, João;  Assunção, Hugo;  Harju-Luukkainen, Heidi;  Lin, Su Wei;  Sit, Pou Seong;  Cheung, Kwok Cheung;  Maloa, Benvindo;  Ilic, Ivana Stepanović;  Smith, Thomas J.;  Campos, Juliana A.D.B.
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Anti-inflammatory mechanisms of the novel cytokine interleukin-38 in allergic asthma Journal article
Cellular and Molecular Immunology, 2020,Volume: 17,Issue: 6,Page: 631-646
Authors:  Sun,Xiaoyu;  Hou,Tianheng;  Cheung,Edwin;  Iu,Tiffany Nga Teng;  Tam,Victor Wai Hou;  Chu,Ida Miu Ting;  Tsang,Miranda Sin Man;  Chan,Paul Kay Sheung;  Lam,Christopher Wai Kei;  Wong,Chun Kwok
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Allergic Asthma  Eosinophils  Il-38  Ilc2s  Tregs  
University Student Engagement Inventory (USEI): Transcultural Validity Evidence Across Four Continents Journal article
Frontiers in Psychology, 2020,Volume: 10
Authors:  Hugo Assunção;  Su-Wei Lin;  Pou-Seong Sit;  Kwok-Cheung Cheung;  Heidi Harju-Luukkainen;  Thomas Smith;  Benvindo Maloa6;  Juliana Álvares Duarte Bonini Campos;  Ivana Stepanovic Ilic;  Giovanna Esposito;  Freda Maria Francesca;  João Marôco
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Confirmatory Factor Analysis  Measurment  Student Engagement  Transcultural Invariance  University  
從PISA科學素養評核框架及評核模式之轉變審視澳門學生科學素養的性別差異趨勢 Journal article
測驗學刊, 2019,Volume: 66,Issue: 3,Page: 249 - 284
Authors:  麥瑞琪;  張國祥;  楊文佳;  薛寶嫦
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Pisa  測試模式  閱讀素養  性別差異  科學素養  
兼備學術及實用價值的“教育質 量監測系統"之在地化實踐研究 Journal article
教師雜誌, 2019,Issue: 61,Page: 25-32
Authors:  麥瑞琪;  張國祥;  楊文佳
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从PISA 2015幸福感视角探讨粤港澳大湾区ICT课程的调整和优化 Book chapter
出自: 南方教育评论——2018中国南方教育高峰年会思维盛宴, 广东:广东高等教育出版社, 2018, 页码: 132-142
Authors:  张国祥;  麦瑞琪;  杨文佳;  薛宝嫦
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Macao-PISA 2015 report : assessment of collaborative problem-solving performance of 15-year-old students from an international comparison perspective Book
Macau:Voi Fong Printing Company Limited, 2018
Authors:  Kwok-Cheung Cheung;  Pou-seong Sit;  Soi-kei Mak;  Man-kai Ieong
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