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Asia-oceania HUPO: Past, Present, and Future Journal article
Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, 2021,Volume: 20
Authors:  Ishihama, Yasushi;  Chen, Yu Ju;  Cho, Je Yoel;  Chung, Max Ching Ming;  Cordwell, Stuart J.;  Low, Teck Yew;  Poon, Terence Chuen Wai;  Kwon, Ho Jeong
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Antidepressant drug sertraline modulates AMPK-MTOR signaling-mediated autophagy via targeting mitochondrial VDAC1 protein Journal article
Autophagy, 2020
Authors:  Hwang,Hui Yun;  Shim,Joong Sup;  Kim,Dasol;  Kwon,Ho Jeong
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AMPK  antidepressant  darts  MAPT  MTOR  Sert  tauopathy  VDAC1  
Astemizole inhibits mTOR signaling and angiogenesis by blocking cholesterol trafficking Journal article
International Journal of Biological Sciences, 2018,Volume: 14,Issue: 10,Page: 1175-1185
Authors:  Lyu,Junfang;  Yang,Eun Ju;  Head,Sarah A.;  Ai,Nana;  Zhang,Baoyuan;  Wu,Changjie;  Li,Ruo Jing;  Liu,Yifan;  Chakravarty,Harapriya;  Zhang,Shaolin;  Tam,Kin Yip;  Dang,Yongjun;  Kwon,Ho Jeong;  Ge,Wei;  Liu,Jun O.;  Shim,Joong Sup
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Angiogenesis  Astemizole  Cholesterol trafficking  mTOR  NPC1  
Astemizole Inhibits mTOR Signaling and Angiogenesis by Blocking Cholesterol Trafficking Journal article
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, 2018,Volume: 14,Issue: 10,Page: 1175-1185
Authors:  Lyu, Junfang;  Yang, Eun Ju;  Head, Sarah A.;  Ai, Nana;  Zhang, Baoyuan;  Wu, Changjie;  Li, Ruo-Jing;  Liu, Yifan;  Chakravarty, Harapriya;  Zhang, Shaolin;  Tam, Kin Yip;  Dang, Yongjun;  Kwon, Ho Jeong;  Gel, Wei;  Liu, Jun O.;  Shim, Joong Sup
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Cholesterol Trafficking  Angiogenesis  Astemizole  Npc1  Mtor  
Pharmacological blockade of cholesterol trafficking by cepharanthine in endothelial cells suppresses angiogenesis and tumor growth Journal article
CANCER LETTERS, 2017,Volume: 409,Page: 91-103
Authors:  Lyu, Junfang;  Yang, Eun Ju;  Head, Sarah A.;  Ai, Nana;  Zhang, Baoyuan;  Wu, Changjie;  Li, Ruo-Jing;  Liu, Yifan;  Yang, Chen;  Dang, Yongjun;  Kwon, Ho Jeong;  Ge, Wei;  Liu, Jun O.;  Shim, Joong Sup
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Cholesterol Trafficking  Angiogenesis  Tumor  Lysosome  Cepharanthine  
Discovery of gliotoxin as a new small molecule targeting thioredoxin redox system Journal article
Authors:  Hee Shim Choi;  Joong Sup Shim;  Ju-A Kim;  Sang Won Kang;  Ho Jeong Kwon
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Anti-oxidant  Anti-angiogenesis  Gliotoxin  ThioRedoxin Redox System  
Aminopeptidase N/CD13 induces angiogenesis through interaction with a pro-angiogenic protein, galectin-3 Journal article
Authors:  Yang, Eunju;  Shim, Joong Sup;  Woo, Hee-Jong;  Kim, Kyu-Won;  Kwon, Ho Jeong
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Angiogenesis  Aminopeptidase n  Galectin-3  Protein-protein Interaction  
Development of an angiogenesis-focused cDNA chip and validation of its functionality Journal article
EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE, 2005,Volume: 37,Issue: 4,Page: 365-370
Authors:  Joong Sup Shim;  Hae Kwang Lee;  Hyo Mi Park;  Jong Ok Kim;  Eun Kyung Kim;  Kyung Hoon Hwang;  Ki Tae Kim;  Seong-Whan Park;  Je Hyeon Lee;  Ho Jeong Kwon
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Angiogenesis  Dna Chip  Duplicate Spots  Gene Expression Profile  Histone Deacetylase  
Plakoglobin is a new target gene of histone deacetylase in human fibrosarcoma HT1080 cells Journal article
ONCOGENE, 2004,Volume: 23,Issue: 9,Page: 1704-1711
Authors:  Joong Sup Shim;  Dong Hoon Kim;  Ho Jeong Kwon
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Histone Deacetylase  Transcriptional Repression  Plakoglobin  Oncogene  
A new curcumin derivative, HBC, interferes with the cell cycle progression of colon cancer cells via antagonization of the Ca2+/calmodulin function Journal article
CHEMISTRY & BIOLOGY, 2004,Volume: 11,Issue: 10,Page: 1455-1463
Authors:  Joong Sup Shim;  Jiyong Lee;  Hyun-Ju Park;  So-Jung Park;  Ho Jeong Kwon
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